Currently reading:



Seven:  An experimental mutiny against excess By Jen Hatmaker

Okay, so technically I’ve already finished this book but I keep going back and rereading stuff.  So it’s staying on my side table beside the bed for awhile yet!



Radical:  Taking back your faith from the American Dream By David Platt

Let’s just say that Seven + Radical = flip you on your head life changer.  I dare you.  Bwahaha!


Arthur and George By Julian Barnes

Brilliant.  It’s taken me forever to read, which is sort of annoying, but I keep interrupting it with other books (see above) but I love it no less for the interruptions.  It’s hilarious and the characters are charmingly quirky and it’s basically everything I want in a novel.


Currently watching:



Did you watch this as a kid?  I totally did.  I’m sure I’ve seen every episode a few times over.  I actually had a dream once (weird for me because I nearly never dream and I only have like, 5 that I remember in my whole life) that I lived at the Drummond house and they actually had a waterslide going into the hot tub!  It was awesome!

Anyways, its now on netflix (all 8 seasons….i may hate that we started this in a few weeks) and so we’ve been watching a few episodes every evening with the kids before bed.  It’s hilarious and slightly politically incorrect (spanking episode?  Hello!) but that only makes me love it even more.  Well, that and the way my boys giggle every time Arnold says, “What’choo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?!”

Currently listening:

Rend Collective Experiment

Please watch that video, you guys!  Nothing will make you want to dance like this song.  And if it doesn’t?  Well, I don’t even know what to do with you…


Currently drinking:

photoWe’re working at cutting down our Starbucks bill as it gets a little pricey when all 5 of us go!  So it’s at home iced americano’s for me.  I particularly like them made in a mason jar and chilled, ready in the fridge for me whenever I want them.  Just add ice and a splash of cream and you are good. to. go!


Currently obsessed with:

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.50.14 AMFlight Tracker – My boys’a comin’ home!!!


Currently living in:


These seven.  And I’m suprisingly happy with that.  If you missed why – see here!

Currently studying:

Nothin’.  It’s summer, man.  Lay. Off!

Currently meditating on:  

Jesus.  Just him and me and loooooong times of prayer.  Deepening relationship by spending much needed time.  It’s so good.

Currently praying for:

The pilots of KLM flight 6198.  Bring my boy home safe, please!

Currently dreaming of:

Decorating for Christmas.  I know, totally weird.  But I just realized the other day that we have a HUGE pine tree on the edge of our new yard.  Well, okay, technically I’m uncertain if it’s the edge of our yard or the neighbours but we’re new here and I’m totally collecting pine cones and cutting some branches off of that baby to decorate up the house in December.  I’ll only get one chance to plead ignorance on this and I’m taking it!

We’ve also never had a proper mantel or good stockings.  This year we have TWO mantels and I want to make stockings!  Actually, the truth is I want to hire someone to make stockings for me cause I’ll never get around to it but I know exactly what I want and it starts with Bur and ends with Lap.

I believe that good things need time to dwell on so while I’m lying on the beach I’m planning what Christmas might look like in this house.  I’m opting to say no to trinkets and stuff and yes to natural textures and signs of the season.  (think real pine boughs, real holly, twinkling white lights and natural textured fabrics)  Oh, and of course our favourites from years past – our nativities and advent calendar and – oh my goodness, I just realized we can have a real tree!  Like a BIG real tree, as opposed to our normal shrimpy potted deal!  I may have just fainted for a second.

If you have a blog and have done a post on what you’re into lately,  please share the link in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Currently.

  1. hi – just quick – SO EXCITED FOR YOU THAT YOUR BOY IS COMING HOME!! I tried to look up the flight tracker for the KLM flight but then I realized it has already landed at JFK so he must be connecting again. But at least you know he is now on the same continent! Praying for a joyous reunion tonight! will you guys get any sleep tonight?


  2. I LOVED 7 when I read it last year! I didn’t wear 7 articles of clothing but I severely purged my closet and just kept the clothes that I actually love and wear, it felt really good!

    Also, I love the mason jars -I’m not one for iced americano’s but I bet my smoothie would look really cute in one. 🙂 I’ll put that on my list for tomorrow!


  3. Thanks, Pam! It was a joyous reunion for sure! We all did get some sleep but were awoken at the crack of dawn because it felt like Christmas for the boy! He had presents to give out and stories to share. It’s been so great having him home!

    Chantel, the really cool thing about actually wearing just the 7 is that it shows you how little we truly need. There hasn’t been a moment where I needed more than these 7 items but I assure you there have been times I’ve wanted it! Convicting, for sure.


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