5 x 12 {volume three}

I started this little project out thinking that it would be no big deal.  12 family snaps in a year?  Easy peasie!

Boy was I wrong.  Turns out that the 5 of us aren’t always together a lot of the time.  Hubs is at work or someone’s at youth group or so and so has a basketball game or someone is sleeping over at someone else’s!

Also turns out that the time that we do spend together is often around our kitchen table or snuggled on the couch.  Who wants 12 pictures of that?

So here we are with July almost at an end and we’ve done a grand total of 3 family photos this year (2/3’s of which are sort of blurry).  For shame!

We snapped these ones the day my boy was heading off to Ireland.  Our sort of goodbye moment at the airport.   As I was anticipating his return (2 sleeps!!) I was reminded that I never did post these.




And while we’re at it you might want to meet the newest member of our family – Fluffy!


IMG_2837The dog was also keenly interested in meeting Fluffy.  Can’t imagine why.  The boys have already asked if he can be in our Christmas Card photo this year and, of course, like any good mother would I shot that idea down right then and there.  I did, however, concede to give Fluffy lots of blog time.  (I’m sorry!)

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


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