This and That

The weather in these parts looks nothing like first days of summer but having the fireplace on and hot chocolate in my mug is never really a problem so I’m not complaining.

There are a few things that I will be complaining about in the relatively near future though and they go a little something like this:

1)  Elementary school sports day in the pouring rain.  You KNOW it’s going to be raining because it is every year.  Why will no one listen to me and have sports day in September when the weather is gorgeous and opt for a movie day at the end of the year.  Come on.  Way better than soggy kids who will start their summer vacation with the sniffles!

2)  All the crap that comes home on the last day of school.  You parents of kindergartners who are all, “Oh, my babies artwork!  So sweet!”  You hold on to that feeling just now because in a few years you’ll be talking just like me.  My boys have been in school a combined total of 21 years.  That’s 21 years of portfolios, of half used pencil crayons, of dictionaries that never (ever!) get used, of broken pencil sharpeners and duotangs piled with papers.  Papers that noone has a dang clue what to do with!  I vote bonfire.  Anyone?!

3)  The fact that come summer I still have to cook.  Moms should be given a few get out of jail free tickets for the summer which allow them to forgo feeding their children.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Despite all of that, there are a few more things that I can. not. wait (!!) for!  They go a little something like this:

1)  Sleeping in.

2)  Having coffee in bed every morning.

3)  Sleeping in.

4)  Not having to pack lunches.

5)  You know it.  (sleeping in for those of you not so quick on the draw)

6)  Feeling the heat of the sun on my back with my toes in the sand at any one of the number of beaches we will camp out on this summer.

7)  Finishing books.

8)  Did I mention sleeping in?  mm hmm

In other news, my husband got rear ended today and his car is a little mangled.  (bummer)  But my boy landed safely in Ireland and I got to talk with him this morning. (Yay!)  So the day is feeling pretty balanced if we scale out the highs and the lows.


That’s our life in a nutshell.  Now some links from around the interwebs, maybe?  These are all so worth reading.  Clicky clicky.

Throw Some Clothes on Thursday by Jami Nato (super SUPER worth your time, women!)

“It’s worth your time. it’s called the evolution of the swimsuit. there’s some amazing scientific evidence in what goes on in a man’s brain when he sees a woman in a bikini! kind of fascinating.”

Examining Adoption Ethics by Jen Hatmaker (The most interesting look at adoption I have ever read!)

“But birth families are not prioritized; adopters are. The system is geared to make us happy, to keep us coming. There is this silent belief that kids are better off with us, period. We say, “God chose this child for me. She is mine. She was always meant to be mine.” No. Our children were meant for their birth families, the way every child ever born is. God did not intend these children for my wealthy home and accidentally put them in Ethiopian wombs. Does God not weep for birth moms who were tricked? Who were coerced? Who were so vulnerable? Were their children gifts for us and not them? This perspective insidiously tricks us into overvaluing our “rights” and devaluing first families or reunification efforts.”

The Problem with Lululemons Search for a CEO from Little Band of Characters (She’s so right!)

“Lululemon, you are perpetuating the problem. You’re making the act of securing the position of CEO seem so simple that you’re advertising it to people who are highly unlikely to even be a consideration for upper management, let alone “report[ing] to no one”. You understand that it’s hard enough to get a job at a bank with a university degree, right? And that with a Master’s, many of us start out as research assistants – and not necessarily because being an RA has been a lifelong passion?”

10 Playful Pendant Lights for Kids Rooms from Apartment Therapy (Love a few of these!)

Beastly Beauty from 2 Modern Design (Mike D’s house!! Love. it.)

“Who would have thought that a Beastie Boy would be living in such artful splendor? Not us, certainly. Michael Diamond, aka Mike D of the band Beastie Boys, has the interior design world at his feet now, thanks to these recently published photos of his imaginatively renovated 19th Century townhouse in Brooklyn. The renovation that sought “to retain original detail, clean it up and leave it as is,” took about 6 months, and what astonishes about the house is how it manages to look both comfortable and lived-in, family-friendly and joyful, despite a jaw-dropping array of furnishings and objects by A-list design luminaries.”

Style My Child from Our Nest in the City (Like to buy cute stuff for kids and like your money going to good causes?  Check this out.)

“Let me explain. You can buy adorable handmade things for kids anywhere. It’s kind of a thing right now. But Style My Child is the only webstore I know of that gives $5 from every.single.purchase to supporting children in Malawi and Zambia. Every purchase! Right now their goal is to give $1,000 worth of school uniforms to kids in need (Like it or not, in most African countries uniforms are mandatory for all children attending school, and if you can’t afford a uniform you can’t go to school). Once that’s achieved, it’s on to the next goal.”

And because this post is so random, howsabout some pictures.  Okay?  Okay!!

IMG_3913My kids are goobers.  I try and smooch them for this exact purpose.  It gets ridiculous reactions.

IMG_2221Sending off the world traveler.


One of my very best friends and I:  aka the brave mama’s sending their boys off into the world.  If it wasn’t for our boys we wouldn’t know each other.  Gosh, I’m glad we had them!
IMG_0008Oh, and then he landed in Ireland and now he spends his time exploring castles.  No big.

IMG_0010And then he climbs gates that aren’t supposed to be climbed to get to parts of the castle that are not supposed to be got to.  He’s feeling the freedom of not having his mama around.  (and I love it!)

That’s our life!  What’s going on in yours?


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