Will you be my personal shopper?

When we were just married we were so excited to go out and buy furniture.  I’m not sure if a futon should qualify as furniture but we were excited nonetheless, until we learned how uncomfortable futons truly are.

From there we bought a very used sofa from dear friends and we loved it until it just couldn’t technically be called a sofa any longer.

We moved on to accepting a very gracious offer of a sofa that was no longer needed by its owners and it happily became ours.  When we moved and didn’t need it anymore we made the same offer to others who could use it and it found its way into a new home.

So here we are, (nearly) 16 years of marriage, 3 children, one dog and many dead goldfish later and we find ourselves in a fantastic new home but we have nothing to sit on!

I was giddy when we made the decision to buy a couch!  I know, it seems silly that it was a decision that had to be made seeings as though we have NOTHING TO SIT ON but furniture is pricey so we had to work it out.

Turns out that buying furniture is HARD!  What should be a fun and simple process is really painstaking and tiresome.  Of course, having all the money in the world might make the process more fun but when you’re looking for a simple, modern sofa made of decent material that’s going to last, withstand kids and stay within a budget, well, the task gets a little gruelling.  Oh, and it turns out we have expensive taste.

We have shopped and shopped and shopped.  Online, suburban furniture stores, craigslist, city furniture stores and everywhere in between.  In the meantime, we’re asking everyone we know where they got their sofa and if they love it!  Would you humour me?  And help me  out?  And tell me where you got your sofa and if you love/hate it?  How it’s worn, sagged, or stayed perfectly comfy?  If you prefer leather or fabric for movie watching or reading?

We’ve settled on this one piece for our living room (note:  that’s not our living room but I wish it was.  Ours doesn’t arrive for another 2 months yet.)

dual-pebble-tufted-sectional.jpgBut we still need one more sofa/loveseat for another area of the house that will be used more for adults having coffee, reading a book by the fire sort of idea.  Help?!

Here are some I love if price were no object.

002d.tif reverie-grey-earthleg

PD_11854_MAIN PD_27766_MAIN


2 thoughts on “Will you be my personal shopper?

  1. We also spent a long time finding the couches that were just right for us. I guess my husband technically bought them before we were married, but since we were heading down the road to marriage he allowed me a lot of input even though they were going to be his for a while. One of our problems is that he is over 6 feet tall and I’m, well, I’m average height. I wanted something that my legs wouldn’t stick straight in front of me if I was just sitting on it, but was also comfortable to curl up in a corner and read a book. My husband wanted something where his knees were not sticking way out (or up) while he was sitting on it, and they had to be comfortable to lay on. So, MANY stores and countless couches later, we settled on the ROWE brand. Don’t remember what store. They were not cheap, but have lasted really well. Over 12 years later they are still going strong. The fabric on the seat cushions is starting to get a little worn, but they’re still wonderfully comfy and are not sagging at all. My husband mentioned that maybe we should get some new couches, and my response was ‘why? These are still in good shape and so comfy!’ Plus, I remember how long it took to agree on these and we fidn’t


  2. Oops, hit post too soon!

    We didn’t have two children tagging along to stores with us then, so we could take our time and browse slowly and in peace.


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