Our Boy is Going Away for a MONTH!

I’m not going to go on and on just yet about a mother’s heart and how it gets a bit overwhelmed and scared at the thought of your child being away from you for an entire month.  I also won’t dwell on how he’ll be flying across the world without me.  Or how he’ll be seeing parts of the world I never have.  I’m not even going to mention what it feels like to be opening your child up to the world of missions.  And them being far away.  And following Jesus call.

No. Those will all be posts that I’m sure will come up over the next weeks.  But for now, he wanted to share this with you.




4 thoughts on “Our Boy is Going Away for a MONTH!

  1. How can we support you $$$ from a distance? If we were closer, we would save our pop bottles and come to the car wash, but yeah…


  2. Wow! I am THRILLED that he’s doing this and praying for you as he goes away for a month. THAT will be difficult and lonely and AWESOME for you all!! This is so much more than a missions trip, this is something that could make clear the direction of his future. SO exciting.


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