A day in HER life.

I’m thrilled to be guest blogging today over at Our Nest in the City!  Em is doing a little series called A Day in HER Life, where women from all different walks of life share their normal.

day in HER life banner

I’ve really loved reading how different women spend their days and to realize theres no ‘right’ way to get through our days.  Each woman, each family, will look so different and that’s okay and right and good.  It’s encouraged me for sure.

So if you want to get a glimpse into my normal head on over there today to see it!

Here’s a blurb:

“I’ll be honest with you here for just a second, if that’s allowed, when Em first asked me to do this post I thought it’d be fun.  But upon thinking about it through my day I realized I have a really normal, unglamorous life.  I started to second guess whether I should even be doing this post or not.  I mean, who wants to see my messy kitchen and bathroom counter?  But something happened along the way.  I’ll share that a bit later.  Sometime after the messy kitchen shot.”

I included lots of photos too.  Go read the rest!  And check out some of the other women’s days while your at it!



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