Sometimes I’m Confused By the World

Okay, okay.  I’m confused by a lot of things, not just the world.  And if we’re being honest it’s not just sometimes.

I’m confused by the fact that while we’re in a ‘recession’ Zach Braff just raised nearly 3 million dollars on kickstarter to fund his next movie.  I’m thrilled that he’s making a next movie!  Don’t think I’m not.  But 3 mill.  From general joe-shmoe public.  Who’da thunk?

I’m also confused by people getting all up in arms about Abercrombie and Fitch.  My question is this.  Have you ever BEEN in that store?  Right.  Cause if you had been I’m pretty sure you’d have know (like 8 years ago…) that this dude was not marketing or selling to anyone over a size 0!  But think about a few other stores you know and their marketing.  Not sure they’re any better.  Dude just SAID it.  We all knew it long before.

I’m more than just a little confused about the fact that we can’t eat a natural substance anymore.  Sugar, for example.  White, brown, yellow and icing, all made from genetically modified sugar beets?  Cows eating so much corn our milk tastes like it?  Soy in our spices?  Wheat fields that can’t be killed by round up?  I’m wondering if it’s possible to get further from how God intended us to live.  Further from the garden and the beautiful trees and the fruit they picked from it.  But I’m sure we can.  Just give us time.  (And what IS a gummy bear, anyways?)

I’m confused as to why the size of families is shrinking (1.9 children per family on average) and yet our housing sizes are growing.  (From an average of 1,100 square feet 35 years ago when people were having more children to well over double that now)

I’m confused everytime I pass someone smoking.  I truly am.  All I can think is, dude, it’s 2013.  We. Know. Better!

I’m confused with our generations need to tell our kids they’re all special.  It’s weird right?  Because the definition of special is “surpassing what is common or usual; exceptional.”  But if the whole of society is telling their kids that they’re special does that not completely negate the logic that  anyone is special.  Because special is surpassing common.  And if everyone is special, then no one is really special.  But still, we pump them up and boost their little ego’s because we’re a generation that is infatuated with the very notion of being the exception to the rule, getting noticed and being better than others.  Until you meet that kid that actually thinks all of that and then we just think they’re rude and annoying.

I’m confused as to how acid washed came back into style.

I’m confused by how my children can have Aboriginal Studies in their school and be taught that the dirt is God from our dear Mother Earth and yet religion isn’t allowed to be taught.  In fact, it was years ago that saying the Lord’s Prayer was taken out of our schools.  Because it wasn’t right to teach just one religion and not all.  Okay, fair enough.  But the soil as God is definitely being taught.  How is that not teaching religion?

I’m confused by the man I saw today who was wearing a shirt that said “Support your local Las Vegas Pole Technicians” underneath a picture of, well, a scantily clad pole technician (I guess) and her pole.  I wonder if these are the aspirations he has for his own daughter.  And if she likes his t-shirt choice.

I’m confused as to how there can be a Fast and the Furious 6.

I’m confused by the legalization and push for abortions performed further and further along in pregnancy and yet the world goes crazy when they hear the actions of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. The only difference between what he did and what the patient was in there to receive was location of the baby.  It wasn’t any older.  So does life only start outside the womb?  I beg to differ.

I’m confused by why I was born in this beautiful, wealthy and safe country while so many live in utter poverty under harsh military rule.

I’m confused by how many socks I can pick up off the floor in a single day.

What are you confused about?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m Confused By the World

  1. You picked up on so many things that I’m frustrated with here, Rhonda. I don’t get the avoidance of all things ‘Christian’, food alterations, the richness we see everywhere, and that people understand what an abortion is and still do it . . . ugh. It’s slowly watching our society break because we’re too rich for our own good.

    I’m confused that people choose to raise money for displaced pets rather than people who need help.

    I’m confused when the Children’s Ministry gives biological parents so many chances with their kids, even after the physical and mental abuse is so clear that it hangs on the children the rest of their lives. Why newborn babies waiting to be adopted go to foster care for years while their paperwork is processed.



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