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Just a few posts I really liked and thought you might too!  Plus, some moving pictures thrown in just for good measure.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

Science and The Teenage Brain:

“So if teenagers appear to be cycling through the day at a different pace from the rest of the world, it’s because they are.”

More truth to that sentence than I want to admit, both from when I was a teenager and from having one…

The Gospel of Flea Markets:

“I used to think God gave me a particular heart to love the tattered things that other people pass over. Only now do I see the incompleteness of that belief.

I am called to love broken people. Loving broken things is just a hobby.”

The writer of this, Flower Patch Farm Girl, is one of my current favourite reads.  You probably want to check out her blog!

Smashed Raspberry Lemonade:

I made this the other weekend for a little soiree we were having and it was delish!  The perfect sunshine weather, sitting on a patio in bare feet, friends are over kind of drink.  Make it.  You’ll be so glad you did.

The Purpose of Giving:

“Spiritual leaders for centuries have taught the idea of putting someone else’s needs before one’s own.  What is it about this common thread – the act of giving of one’s self – that is so valuable?”

Just a little thought from Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog.  Made me wonder why, as a society, we don’t put others needs first more often!

Happy Daughter’s Day:

“Here’s what’s wrong with Mother’s Day (and every other celebration of our own goodness): Any time you seek satisfaction, honor, and glory in yourself you’re going to be dissatisfied—that applies to both women and men. Any time you look for someone to give you something that will make you feel like you’ve done a good job, or are finally a person of worth, you’re going to be disappointed.”

This post rang so true for me!  If you’ve ever had a disappointing Mother’s Day you’ll want to read the whole post.  Do it!

IMG_2497 So blessed to have this gorgeous view every morning._MG_2286Moving Day.  Somehow they ended up plunked right here._MG_2318 Moving Days are hard.  The Little is completely tuckered out.  At least he’s got his trusty sidekick with him.IMG_2487 Building Lego in a room that has absolutely nothing else in it to do.  In fact, a house that has everything still in boxes!IMG_2490After school snacks and homework.  Life happens at the kitchen table.


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