The gospel according to my fridge

I’ve never had stainless steel appliances before.  They’ve always been white. White and whatever model came with the house/apartment/basement suite we happened to be inhabiting at the time.  Moral of the story:  I’ve never chosen my own appliances.

Well, we’re now the owner of some stainless steel beauts, again just because they came with the house.  What I didn’t anticipate was that along with being the owner of some snazzy appliances, I’m also the owner of endless, greasy, sticky, sometimes even chunky fingerprints and smudges.  All over the stainless steel appliances, of course.

It took mere minutes after moving in for me to notice that this was going to be a problem.  But as it is when things are new,  you want to keep them at their very  best so I wiped those shining babies down daily.  Hourly.  Basically every time my children entered the room.  They didn’t even have to touch them with their grubby paws, I think the fridge just sensed their presence and conjured up some smeary grossness on front of itself.

As I was wiping it down for the 7 billionth time today and asking the Lord God why He would make such pretty things bear such ugliness I couldn’t help but think;

He makes pretty things that don’t stay pretty but rather harbour ugliness and grime and stains.

He makes beautiful things that quickly become tainted.

Bottom line, He made me.

I never really noticed greasy fingerprints on my white fridge.  It would take raspberry jam fingers or a spaghetti sauce fiasco for me to notice that it needed to be wiped down.  But the grime was there.  It was.  I’m realizing now that it had to be!  I just couldn’t see it.

The same is true of us, isn’t it?  We can hide so much behind a smiling face and a pretty facade but the truth of the matter?  The sin is there.  It’s in us, on us, making us a little less pretty than we could be.  We just don’t always see it until it becomes raspberry jam or spaghetti sauce or adultery or an audit or someone wiping us down with a cloth by asking us a few difficult questions.  It’s only  when we look at that cloth that we see the stains that have made the white rag sort of filthy.

I’ve decided that I prefer the stainless steel appliances.  Not because they look better or because I have to scrub them 18 times a day but because they show the truth.  They show me the dirt that’s there.  They show me that grubby little fingers have made their way in.  They show me how easily we can be tarnished.

The same is true for life.  I don’t live well under facades.  Under putting best face forward or pretending like I’ve got it all together.  I don’t.  You don’t.  None of us do.

No, I live best when I can see the dirt.  When I can read scripture and hold it up as a mirror to my life and it reflects the areas that aren’t really as squeaky clean as I may have thought.  I like when friends hold a white cloth up to me and ask the tough questions and see the ick that comes forth.

Because this is where the gospel lives.  Like me wiping my fridge down every hour I need to be cleansed every hour.  Like my dishwasher needs a shining each day, I need to show my grit to Jesus and ask him to wipe me clean each day.  In the way that my stove front shows every little splatter and needs to be polished up, Jesus shows me just where my splatters are and is longing to help me shine them up by changing my heart.

My appliances are a daily reminder of my heart.  They show me just how quickly sin gets in and how much we need to repent to our Saviour.  They show me that facades may hide the dirt but it’s still there.

They show me that Jesus is patient with me every. single. day.  Because I haven’t thought once to yell at my kids for fingerprints on the fridge and I haven’t stopped cooking just to avoid the splatters.  I know that it will happen and Christ knows that sin in us will and does happen.  Yet He waits for us to come to him to be made new.  Sparkly and shiny again.  Without stain  or blemish.

What have your appliances taught you lately?


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