Home Reno #1 {DIY}

I’m just going to take a quick second to say that we LOVE our new home.  It’s bright, spacious and has a beautiful view!  When we were first looking at the house we knew all of these things.  We knew that we would have lots of light coming into the kitchen which is something we love.  We knew it had more than enough room for us to live and play and entertain, also things we love!


We also knew that there were a lot of things that we would want to change.  Nothing major as far as construction goes but we knew we’d use the rooms a bit different than the previous owners, that we would paint to change the colours on the wall that are not our favourite, and that we’d make a few minor adjustments here and there to make it suit our family.

Now that we’re somewhat settled and have figured out the important stuff like which is the junk food cupboard and which drawer makes the most sense for cutlery, it’s time to take on a few simple tasks.  I’m just not quite ready to take on painting yet as after the move I’m feeling just a bit tired of big projects.  Besides, I want to live in the space for a bit and make sure I’m certain of my colour choices, though I’m pretty sure I am.

So while we’re living in this space that isn’t quite as we want it I knew there was one thing that I just couldn’t leave alone for one more day.  It looks something like this!


_MG_2281The weird looking boy was just being a poser but we’ll keep him just the way he is.  But that BRASS?!  No way.  I couldn’t have that lingering around my fireplace for one second longer.  How can one relax in front of the glare that baby gives off?  We couldn’t.  It had to go.

My dear friend came over to see our new place and as she looked around she said how lovely it was but then suddenly turned to me very serious and declared, “But what are we going to do with that fireplace?!”

I already knew the answer.  I had done it before.  It just took a bit of paint and a few minutes of my day and now it looks a little something like this!

_MG_2350Now it’s just a normal fire place.  No having to shade your eyes from the shiny brass.  No wondering why someone would make it so tacky.  Just black and simple.

Of course there’s that two tone paint jobbie AROUND the fire place that now needs to be dealt with but one step at a time!

If you have a brass fireplace that you’d like to tone down, here’s what you need:

1 small can of Tremclad heat resistant barbecue paint in black

1 paint brush

That’s it.

I covered up the brass in just two coats.  Such a simple little improvement to the room!


2 thoughts on “Home Reno #1 {DIY}

  1. ha ha! Yeah, it’s double sided, Glenda! I didn’t even realize that I used shots from each side. I painted both sides. The brick (going the wrong way, in my opinion) is still in tact 🙂


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