5 x 12 {volume two}

I know, I know.  It’s May and we’re only on round two of 5 people 12 times.  But we’re already two rounds ahead of last year so, y’know, I’m proud of us!

You might recall a little ice cream picnic party that I don’t really want to mention again because of how it ended but I just wanted to let you know that it did happen eventually.  Eventually.

There was also that family sleepover I had decided would be a fun way to spend our first night in our home but let’s just say after twelve and a half hours of moving – okay, watching the movers move stuff – there was no happy family sleepover.  There was, instead, calls of everybody get in your beds, we’re all exhausted, I’ll see you in the morning!  So much for memories….

But before we all crashed into bed we did devour some ice cream.  And while they aren’t exactly the cute pictures I was hoping for, they are pictures.  Of all 5 of us.  Together.  Looking tired and how a family really looks after a big move.  So here’s to keeping it real!

_MG_2332I seriously thought I looked happy when taking this shot.  I felt happy.  But the tired isn’t masked easily by happy apparently.  I think I look like the crazy granny from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Movie.  “I like grapes.”  

_MG_2339We’re technically all in the shot, even if someone is hiding in the corner devouring their ice cream. ahem.

_MG_2334The oldest two feeding each other just kills me.  I’m keeping this shot for blackmail purposes when they start dating.


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