tea towels

Let’s talk for a few minutes about tea towels, m’kay?  So here’s the thing, my preference for something that actually dries the dishes is going to be different then that number that hangs on the front of the oven for guests to see.  Because those pretty little ones that are worthy of being seen by company?  They don’t dry a dang thing.  They just sort of slide the water around on your dishes with an absorption level of, oh, zero!

When we packed up our kitchen 3 years ago I simply tossed all of my towels into the trashola.  They had just had it and who wants to open up a box 3 years later and find stained, faded and ratty looking towels?  Not I!  So now that we have just seven days before we’re back to occupying our own space and need to have all our own things that are required in a fully functioning kitchen I know that I need some towels.  So the hunt is on!

These are just a few of my favourites that I found!  Which ones do you love?
gagmidcenturylMid Century Chairs from To Dry For

buyme_img18_0-83714de9480cefdae8960ce520c19d29Stripes make everything better by Studiopatro.com

Fruits Minor tea towel by William MorrisFruits Minor William Morris from AllTeaTowels.co.uk

38349-vtMushrooms from Retro Planet

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.22.06 PMPost of All Tea Towel Set from Modcloth

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.27.35 PMAnd I could’t choose just one so Droplet,
Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.27.58 PMWagtail,
Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.28.14 PMand Geometry of Pasta are all from Howkapow.com

I did go in with a goal of having nothing with birds or chevron print because nothing screams 2013 louder, amiright?  That second to last one tricked me though!  I had no idea it was  birds until I saw the bigger picture but by then I already loved the colour and pattern so it was too late.  Meh.  One out of two ain’t bad, right?


4 thoughts on “tea towels

  1. ahhhh those are all beauties!
    I have found that no tea towel dries dishes right away… but after a few trips to the laundry machine, they learn to 🙂

    The Super Store (President’s Choice brand) has some really attractive tea towels right now and also I saw some cute gingham (in bright yellow, orange, or turquoise) at IKEA this week for about $3 a piece.


  2. Great!
    My problem with tea towels (and I cannot believe this is part of my conversation this morning) is the smell that accompanies them after a day or two of drying!! Why oh why????!!
    Anyhow….where have you moved to Rhonda?


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