I’m so often struck by how amazing my family is.  Like brothers and parents and sister-in-laws and aunts and uncles and cousins!  Not that I’m surprised, per se, but they truly never cease to amaze.

I was reminded of it again today when I got a message from my cousin announcing that they were adopting their third child, a Nepali girl with cancer.  How many of us would take that on?  But of course they did…

It got me to thinking and it got me wanting to brag.  Because this is my blog and seriously, this stuff is brag worthy!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like you to meet my family by way of some of the seriously cool stuff they do:

I have family that goes to places where natural disasters have ruined people’s homes and helps rebuild them.  They organize teams of volunteers, they paint walls and tear walls down.  They do all of the administration required to help people get their life back on track.  I have family (lots of family!) who has moved across the world to follow the call of God on their life.  I have family who travels the world teaching and ministering in countries that we sometimes can’t mention.  I have family who are pastors or have been pastors which means I have family who have been or are pastors wives.  In my opinion, that’s the toughest role in the world.  I have family who has adopted children, I have family who lead bible study, I have family who lead worship and I have family who pray and pray and pray.  I have family who picks the single mom with no vehicle up and drives her and her kids to school so they don’t have to walk in the rain.  I have family who goes to Africa every year to build at an orphanage.  I have family who goes to this same orphanage to work, to play, to minister to children.  I have family who goes out into the remote villages and rescues babies from near death and brings them into the orphanage and then other family members who adopt that very child.  I have family that does street ministry in rough neighbourhoods until 2 am.  I have family that goes into schools and does puppet shows sharing the gospel with children.  I have family who pick fruit for organizations that share it with families in need.  I have family that swiftly gives grocery store gift cards to single mothers in need.  I have family that plants churches in cities where they don’t speak the language and in completely foreign countries.  I have family that visits prisoners.  Family that gives and gives and gives of themselves over and over and over again.  Family that prays for their family and for their friends and for the world.

I feel in awe when I think of all of this.  That I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who over and over again show, with their life, what they believe.  People who don’t just say it but live it.  I’m thankful to be a part of this legacy.  I’m thankful to be able to share these lives and the various ways they serve Jesus with my children.  That they may see that there isn’t one way to follow Jesus.  There are a  ton of ways to live a life of service to Him.  To serve others.  To do the hard things that are asked of us.

So to my family, thank-you.  Thank-you for being a living example of what it looks like to follow Jesus.  Thank-you for never choosing the easy way out.  Thank-you.  THANK-YOU!  You guys rock.  All of you!

(and because my family is awesome they’re probably thinking something like, “oh, it’s nothing!”)

But it’s not nothing.  It’s the opposite of nothing!  It’s something and it’s something really really good.  Let’s celebrate that today!


2 thoughts on “Props.

  1. YAY! I never take for granted the family that I have been blessed with. Our family really, truly does rock. I celebrate with you… all of our (and your) amazing family members. God is good… and when we serve HIS purposes, our lives are enriched and made better. Even when the things we do don’t make sense to anyone else. When I told my dad about our newest “little” he said “I feel like God brought this child to you to see what you would do, and you did the right thing”. As much as I’d like to say “Aww, it’s nothing”. I know it is something. It’s obedience to God’s will and not mine. When we do that, we are always surprised by the goodness it brings into our lives!!! LOVE YOU COUSIN, as much as I love all our family members. BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING!


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