Topic Tuesday: {On moving and kids}

Each time we move, which is a lot, I try to do something just a little bit special for the kids for the first night in our new home.  Something that makes it special for them and so they don’t feel displaced or neglected by the constant packing/unpacking maniacs we tend to become.

It’s been something a little different with each move.  When they were little it was a webkinz to snuggle with at night (are webkinz even still around?) or sometimes it was a new book specifically purchased with each child in mind.  Scaredy Squirrel for our little scaredy or a cute one called “A Place for Middle” for, guess who?!

So for this move I know I want to do something but the truth is, the boys are getting bigger and stuffies and little books aren’t really all that meaningful to them at this life stage.  As cute as I think getting the 13 year old a new stuffy would be….

But neither do I want a move in present/something special to be new wheels for their skateboards or a new hoodie that will get left out in the rain or forgotten at a friends house. I want it to have something to do with our new home.  I want it to convey a feeling that we are together in this and no matter how many times we move or what each place looks like, we are all here and God is with us and so because of that this place is something special.

I just can’t find a card that puts it in exactly those words….

So I have a few ideas up my sleeve but I wanted some help on it as I haven’t finalized anything and I thought maybe you guys could come up with something even better than me!

Would you help?  So today’s question is this:  Have you ever given your kids something special when you moved?  What was it? Or if you were to move can you think of something you might do?  How about when you were little – did your parents ever do something meaningful for you when you moved?  I’d love to know!


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