A stress-free birthday party how to guide.

Have you ever forgot that your child’s birthday was coming up?  I know, right?  What kind of mom would do that?  Um, this one!

So my little asked me last week how many more days it was until his birthday.  I tried not to let the panic show on my face as I calculated the days.  Er….one week!  One.  Week.

Did I mention we’re moving very very soon and we’re living amongst boxes and planning a birthday party isn’t exactly on my already too long ‘to do’ list?  Yeah.  That.

So I did what every mom who doesn’t want to have an at home birthday party does – I started rattling off suggestions as to where we could have his party.  Bowling?  Skating?  Gymnastics?  We could go to a movie?  Swimming?  Let’s take all your friends to lazer tag!

But of course none of those appeal to this particular little.  So he shook his head and stated that he much prefers at home birthday parties and could he please have his friends come over?

This is where I stalled for a few minutes to think.  And then it came to me!

Yes!  Yes of course you can have your friends over at our house but I have a great idea!  Get this.  We can just have your party in a few weeks because then the weather will be better and you can for sure play outside and then….drumroll….we can have it in the NEW HOUSE!!!

Can I just say that I put every ounce of enthusiasm I could muster into my selling the new house birthday party.  My eyes even sparkled with delight.

But little looked up at me and said in a teeny tiny voice that he’d much rather have one last party in the old house.


So, what’s a mom to do?  We had 4 days until the birthday party.  Thankfully he wanted to keep it small, “So that everyone can sleepover!”  Oh, we’re having a sleepover?  Right.  A sleepover!  Awesome.  We made invitations on cue cards that my older son thankfully had left over from his speech and in the meantime I texted his besties mom ensuring he could for sure make it on such short notice.  One day later and everyone was invited and in!

I headed out on day 2 to collect treats for goodie bags.  Thankfully it was the day after easter and the chocolate was all on for 50% off.  Easter bunnies and lambs it was!  Done.

Then it was onto food.  I decided early on in this birthday party disaster  fun that I wasn’t cooking favourite meals or anything like that.  I left very few options.  Just things like, hot dogs or pizza?  Plain chips or Tortilla?  We went on a buying adventure where he got to choose what he wanted.  Hot dogs, buns and you should have seen his grin when I said yes to the chocolate milk!  Then he got to pick 3 kinds of chips (3!!) and we were outta there.  Food was conquered!  Except for cake but that gem of a story comes later…

The day before the party we cleaned rooms and made sure we had ketchup.  We assembled goodie bags and we talked about how exciting this was all going to be.

The day of his party I picked the munchkins up from school and we drove to the grocery store.  Of course there were grumbles and groans that consisted of, “Do we have to come in?  Why are we here?  Can we go hoooooome!”  We marched back to the bakery section and peered into the glass which housed the cakes.  I looked my boy in the eye and said, “Bubba, you can choose any one you want!”  He jumped and squealed.  These elusive grocery store cakes have never been purchased in his world and so this was something really special.

There was one in the shape of a burger complete with ketchup and mustard oozing out the sides.  His eyes said it all and I nodded back in affirmation.  We got that sucker written on and marched it to the front to pay.  As we were walking out of the store he looked up at me and said, “Mom,  I think fourteen dollars was too much to spend on a cake for me.”  I bent down so we were eye to eye and I stated most emphatically, “You are worth it my boy!  You are worth every penny of that burger cake!  It’s your birthday and you are going to be celebrated in high style today!!”

He grinned a most glorious grin.  His eyes beamed.  He could feel the love.

We pulled it off, this great planned and executed in 4 days birthday party!  He quite possibly had the greatest time in his whole life and I didn’t stress one little bit about shaping and decorating a cake, planning nutritious food, making just the perfect invite that is a combination of cute yet hip or scouring the world for goodie bag items that fit into some sort of ‘theme’.  In short, it was awesome.

Here are some photos of the less than grand occasion!

IMG_2221Feel free to pin this if you need a food idea for your next party.

IMG_2225Chocolate milk in jars with straws.  ooooooh.  aaaaahhhh.

IMG_2223Treats in tupperware and toothpick place cards.


50% off Easter Chocolate.  Score!

IMG_2234The $14 beauty.  She’s somethin’, huh?  And of course some gluten free cupcakes on the side.


4 thoughts on “A stress-free birthday party how to guide.

  1. Sounds perfect to me:) I’m sad to hear you are moving!! I have such great memories from that house (as I’m sure do you!!). Are you moving far? I was hoping to see you this summer when I am up in Abby!


  2. Thanks, Corina!
    We aren’t moving far, Anita, but far enough that you can’t just cut through the catwalk to see me. However, seeings we’re not in grade 7 anymore we can drive to meet somewhere 🙂 would love to see you again!


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