Blogs: The Fast Food of Reading

I use to be a reader of many books.  Many, many books.  I would breeze through them in a week or so and always have my nose buried in something or other.  Books were my boyfriend.  I would cuddle on the couch with a book more often as frequently as I would with my husband.

Something has happened along the way though.  I’ve blamed it on life stage and season, more work to be done and kids that no longer nap.  I’ve blamed it on lack of good books and on just being in a funk and not able to get into anything.  I’ve blamed it on dinner, in that I have to cook it every night.  But I’ve changed my mind.  I no longer blame all of these.  I blame it on just one thing.

Blogs.  I blame it on blogs.

I know that’s weird because I have a blog and I want you to keep reading mine but I’m here to tell you that blogs aren’t always good. In fact, they can ruin books for you in a really quick, sly way.

Here’s the thing, books take commitment.  They take hours of time and hundreds of pages turned.  Blogs can be over and done with in under 10 minutes.

Books are heavy and cumbersome to carry around.  I have blogs with me on my phone wherever I go.  Beach?  Read a blog.  Waiting for kids to come out of school?  Read a blog.  Walking into a lamp post?  Oof.  That was because I was reading a blog.

Authors take a long time to write their next book.  When I love an author I usually love all that that author writes but you have to wait years for their next book to come out.  That’s a lot of build up for one little old book.  Blogs are written multiple times weekly by some pretty great writers.  Sometimes even daily.  And if my faves post twice in one day?  Be still my heart.

Blogs are full stories in a thousand words or less.  You get the intro, you get the meat with reasons a, b, and c and if you’re lucky you might even get a bit of wit thrown in.   Package all that  up with a neat little bow we like to call a closer and done!

But I’m telling ya, all of this blog reading that I’ve been doing for the past few years makes it feel like books take  to get through.  I find myself somewhere around the 2/3 mark of a book going, “Would you get to the point and wrap this thing up already?”  I’ve actually found myself quitting many a book 2/3’s of the way through because it’s starting to feel redundant.

Redundant!  Can you believe it?  An author is trying to depict beautiful, in depth characters and I’m thinking, “yeah, yeah, let’s do this thing already.”   It’s shameful.

We all know that we live in a fast paced world.  A quick-fix society that wants what they want right now!  I’m saddened to say that blogs have become my fast food.  My take out.  My quick fix on my reading needs and I don’t like it one bit!

So I’m taking back books!  I’m claiming long, slow reads as my choice.  Because who really wants chicken nuggets and fries when you can have spaghetti sauce that’s been simmering in the crock pot for hours?  Not I, my friends, not I.

Besides all of that, I don’t want my intellectual stimuli only coming from complete randoms online.  I want it to come from authors who have painstakingly gone through the writing process, have been rejected by publishing companies and yet continued to press on until their books graced the walls of the library.  There’s power behind that.

So while I’m not giving up my blog reading, cause that would be foolish, I’m going to trim it back for awhile and spend my time with my nose deep in a book that smells divinely like a musty old library.

From now on,  I’m only going to read blogs that are a 10.  No more 7’s allowed.  Cause why waste time on 7’s when there are 10’s in book form, y’know?

Now excuse me, I’ve got a book to read!  A real one with a spine and call numbers and pages that have to be physically turned.  Bliss.


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