Gift Buying Made Easy!

It’s been said that I’m a hard person to buy gifts for.  I don’t really think it’s true because there are a thousand and one things that I would LOVE to receive!  Some start at about $1.79 and could range up to multiple thousands but I assure you there is also every single price in between!  Plus, if you’re one of those people that can make stuff?  Psh.  You’re awesome.

But what I do know about myself is that I’m particular.  I tend to be loyal to a favourite.  I have worn the same perfume for 18 years.  So maybe I am hard to buy for!

I’ve started to do my hubs a favour though.  I realize I may be hard to keep up with (except in the perfume department.  He’s got that one!) and that he isn’t inside my head everytime I peruse Etsy and of course I can hardly expect that he would spend hours perusing the million necklaces on there to find just the one I would like!  So I send him ideas when I see them.  And not even, it-has-to-be-this-one (!!) types of idea but rather just things that I see that make me go – oh, that’d be a neat gift.  Of course, he is at liberty to not buy me any of these things (or not be me anything at all!) or find something similar that he likes better or get the exact thing I’ve sent.

This has worked fabulously in our marriage!  Rest assure that he mixes it up.  For Christmas he chose everything on his own and nothing from my list.  In the past, he’s gotten things from my list but tweaked them just a bit so that there would be some element of surprise or personal touch to it.  He’s not a “Yes, honey!” man and I hate love that about him!

Since it’s my birthday today I thought I’d share some of the things that have been on my list through the past few months.  Things that are perfect for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or a day just like today!

Ooh, and because my husband is digitally inclined I send him my lists via email with links so that he can file them in an email folder and easily reference.  Easy peasey.  See how helpful I am?  Hard to buy for…..right….

HimalayanPinkSaltCaramel_zHimalyan Pink Salted Caramels are ALWAYS on my list!
il_570xN.390480261_kf6kI just asked for the “F” to represent our family name.  Weird that I couldn’t find one without the “U” added!  ha
il_570xN.363203438_nysjLove this necklace made from an old typewriter key!
Oh y’know, just some art to hang on the walls.  No big.  Janet Bright is a fave.

splendidwillow1And of course no list of mine would ever be complete without a pair of boots on it!  These Ilse Jacobsen Rain boots are about my favourite every to keep your feet dry.  And considering where we live, these are actually a necessity!  But which colour to choose?!

What about you?  What’s on your list?  How do you relay what you’d like to your spouse/children/parents?


5 thoughts on “Gift Buying Made Easy!

  1. Happy Birthday Rhonda!! I hope you have a fabulous day full of surprises AND “non-surprises”. 🙂

    Both my brother in law and sister in law also have birthdays today. Big day!


  2. Ok pink salted caramels? Never heard of them. Wish I had one in my mouth. right. now. “FU” made me literally LOL. And as far as the boots go… I would pick Pink. They are ADORABLE. However… I think you’re more of a red girl, aren’t ya?

    Happy Birthday cuz. Much love being sent your way from across the globe!!



  3. Thanks, Carla! It’s been great so far!

    And Sher, to. die. for. I limited myself to one caramel today but I’m sure there will be more tomorrow! I like the red a lot! But I was thinking yellow just for fun. Of course black would be the most practical but what fun is that? I actually left the choice up to the buyer (should he ever buy them) and my guess is he might go with white. I only said no purple. I’m definitely not a purple boot girl.

    Thanks Janet! chocolate, coffee and excellence were had. A good day all around 🙂


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