Properly Defining Relationships

When I was a kid I hated yogurt because it had that taste.  Y’know?  That yogurty one.

Somewhere around my late teens I decided I was just going to like it.  It seemed like a good healthy snack and something you could just grab and go and I like that so I started eating it every day until my pallet adjusted and I just liked it.

Thing is, now I love it!  Crave it!   Want it for breakfast and snack and before bed!  But I’m having a hard time finding a place for yogurt in my life.  You can feel free to chuckle at that last sentence but it’s true.  I feel like our relationship hasn’t been properly defined and I’m not sure I have room for it in my life.

Now that I’ve *ahem* matured, I know that  yogurt is not a healthy snack.  It’s just not.  It’s either loaded with sugar, loaded with fat or loaded with artificial sweeteners.  I don’t like any of the above!

In fact, check out this little bit of information that I found:

“The company’s (that is,  General Mill’s) Yoplait brand had transformed traditional unsweetened breakfast yogurt into a veritable dessert. It now had twice as much sugar per serving as General Mills’ marshmallow cereal Lucky Charms. And yet, because of yogurt’s well-tended image as a wholesome snack, sales of Yoplait were soaring, with annual revenue topping $500 million. Emboldened by the success, the company’s development wing pushed even harder, inventing a Yoplait variation that came in a squeezable tube — perfect for kids. They called it Go-Gurt and rolled it out nationally in the weeks before the C.E.O. meeting. (By year’s end, it would hit $100 million in sales.)”  This is from an article entitled The Extraordinary Science of Junk Food.

So I stood in the grocery store aisle today and I looked at all of my options and I just couldn’t reconcile yogurt in my life.  Where does it fit?  If it’s classification is ‘junk food’ then I’d rather use that slot in my life for things like ice cream and Goodies and pink salted caramels.  Or  chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon buns or….I think you get the point.

I’ve always put it in the place of breakfast side dish or healthy snack and yet I’ve clearly been deceived in thinking this is a good place for so much sugar.

What to do, what to do?  Have you found a place for yogurt in your life?  What about for your kids?  Help a girl and her relationship with yogurt out!


9 thoughts on “Properly Defining Relationships

  1. Ha ha. This is a cute post 🙂 I love flavoured yogurts. When you have the time, do drop by my space. I recently made decadent churros with orange chocolate sauce and would love to know what you think.


  2. I slowly made the switch to Greek yogurts (although you have to be careful which ones). They have less sugars and more protein, which helps you stay full longer. I like to mix them with fresh or frozen fruit to add a bit more natural sweetness. Now, I would not recommend going cold turkey straight to Greek yogurt, it’s taste and texture are not the same as your typical Yoplait. Much like I transitioned things with my girls, I started with the yogurt we loved and just added a spoonful or two of the Greek yogurt. After doing that for a while I added a couple more spoonfuls of Greek yogurt, and slowly our palates adjusted and my girls and I will eat full Greek yogurt now. They would still prefer the other stuff, but I usually don’t give them the choice, and they’re fine with it. My husband, however…. well, you can’t win them all. Reading labels the “original Yoplait” has 33g carbs, 26g sugars, 5g protein. The Greek yogurt we currently have is 11g carbs, 7g sugar, 13g protein. Have you ever tried Greek yogurt?


  3. Yes! Plain, non fat greek yogurt. Kirkland brand, three in a pack at Costco! Add your own fruit, honey or granola if you don’t like it plain. I’ve always hated yogurt, this is the only one I like!


  4. I buy the same as Carman from Costco – the best price around. But I mix it with a little Iogo yogurt for flavour and texture. Add some friut and homemade granola and…voila. BTW – what are “pink salted caramels”??


  5. Are you telling me that the plain, non-fat kind of greek yogurt doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners in it? How did I miss this?! I love you guys!!


  6. Seriously, plain yogurt is so good for you. It has pro-biotics and lots of good protein. Honestly, we do the full fat because for our little girls, they need the good healthy fats. And Bjørn learned from an East Indian co-worker how to make it. So it’s as fatty as the milk we use (either whole or 2%). Greek is great too (and we get the Costco variety some), but it does get rid of the whey, which I’ve always been under the impression has some health benefits to it as well.


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