Bits and Pieces

Just life.  Happening as it does.  Taking a few quick shots to remember.

_MG_2049 A certain little has an obsession with 3D glasses sans lenses.  You’ll find him wearing them any old time!
_MG_2051I spy with my little eye….me!
_MG_2057  Winter berries make the grays of the season feel more alive.
_MG_2061 I love fresh herbs and the pop of colour they bring to the kitchen. _MG_2040Favourite team jersey slung over the end of a bed.

_MG_2032Mini Palms in my bathroom make it a little more cheery.IMG_2187Piano lessons:  Take one!  So excited._MG_2176Hot water.  I’ve been made fun of A LOT for this.  But out of a white and yellow mug what could be happier?_MG_2160We made a cake and it was DELISH! (and gluten free!)_MG_2179

A little not-so-light reading.IMG_2183Little hands on little devices.IMG_2185Just a little sewing project.  Spending a rainy afternoon making a pillow.

What have you been up to friends?  What are things looking like around your house.  I’d love to know!


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