5 x 12 (volume one)

‘Member my resolution this year to take a picture of the 5 of us 12 times?  Essentially the goal was to get a family picture once per month.  Of course we’re in March already meaning that January and February didn’t happen.  But that’s okay.  Those aren’t really ideal months for picture taking.  It was cold and rainy mostly and when the sun was out for a few moments we would miss it.  Either dad was working, someone had a headache, or someone hadn’t washed their hair in days (ahem).  By the time we had it all together?  The rain was back.

But I wasn’t discouraged.  I just assume that we’ll be out and about more in the summer months so we’ll double up then.

Today was the day though!  The sun was peeking out from behind the dark gray clouds and I announced, “Family Picture Day!”  I decided that we weren’t waiting until everyone was ‘ready’.  The kids needed hair cuts about a month ago, my nail polish is chipping off in great big chunks and we were all dressed already so there was no coordinating going on at all.  I just knew that if we waited for all of these things to be in place it would never happen.  And really, that wasn’t the point.  The point was to have photos of the 5 of us.  Not to all look perfect.

We had to drop some rented video games off downtown so I threw my camera in the truck and we headed off.  We found a grungy alley just a block up and the kids deemed it the perfect spot.  We only took 10 shots and hoped there was something good in there!  There response when we were done?  “That was fun!  Can we take more?”  Here are some of the results.



5x12(1.3)Little Buddy was mid-sneeze in this one!

5x12(1.5)And we chopped Me and the Misters heads off in this one but I still liked it!

5x12(1.4)I know this one is only four but it was a good shot of just the boys.  I cropped me out.  I hadn’t quite made it into sitting position after pushing the button on the camera and running back into place.  Can anyone say awkward?!

_MG_2150Told ya!  It’s better as just a foursome, right?  Ha ha.


7 thoughts on “5 x 12 (volume one)

  1. I’m impressed!! The fact that these photos are “on location” are enough to make them seem unattainable to me. Our “location” for our Christmas photo was our front porch, and not because it’s picturesque! These are great!


  2. I’m all about location, Em. At least that way if we look ridiculous there will be something else eye catching as well! I assure you it’s not unattainable. Just wait a few more years 🙂

    Thanks, Sher! We did have fun. Seriously silly fun! Love you!


  3. Ha ha ha ha! I’m trying Pam but the grey hairs just won’t come! (Remember when you sent me a happy 40th card for my 30th? That was hilarious!)
    Thanks Kelly! xo


  4. Love these. that is all.. 🙂 Planning to email you soon.. It’s actually on my list of things to do.. Have pictures of my chalkboards. 🙂


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