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Hi Friends!  Just thought I’d share a few fabulous things I found around the internets the past few weeks:

My hilarious friend’s post on The Etiquette of Bikram Yoga where I may or may not have a guest blurb.

“Rule # 6 Don’t wear your bra in class in lieu of fitness gear.  I’m kind of amazed that I need to say so, but there we have it.  It takes all sorts to make the world go around.  We all know that it’s a bra and that’s distracting and weird.”

A beautiful look at How to be a Better Lover by Anne Voskamp.

There are no standing lovers: the only way to love is to lay down.

Lay down plans.

Lay down agendas.

Lay down self.

Love is always the laying down.”

My husband sent me this cutely done little video that we’ll share with our sons when the time is right.  An interesting look at The Science of Pornography Addiction.

I love it when science and christianity agree!

Porn = Bad for you!

(You may want to turn the volume down if little ears are around but I promise it’s a good video)

One mom’s honest and lovely realization.  I hate being angry.

“our family has a problem with anger. every single one of us. our first response when something doesn’t go our way is yelling. throwing fits. punishment. i’m not talking like it’s just my kids doing that, i’m saying me and my husband do this too. in fact, the best i can gather, our kids learned it from us.

at first my prayer was, Lord help my kids to change. and then i got a big fat mirror put in my heart and God told me i needed to change.”

And Em’s Baguette Appetizer that is just my style.  I can’t wait to try it!

2 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. I ALWAYS wear a sports bra at Bikram yoga! It’s too darn hot to wear anything else! It’s modest (no cleavage) and doesn’t give much of a view thanks to stretch marks from childbearing, but makes all the difference compared to a tank top 🙂


  2. Yeah, lots of people wear SPORTS bras. But this was a BRA bra. Like with adjustable straps and the hook and eyes at the back. Like a normal BRA! And that, my friend, is not fitness wear!


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