On Being Spoiled Rotten.

He’s done it again, that husband of mine!  The cool thing?  I’m always surprised.  Though by now you’d think I wouldn’t be.  You guys know, if you’ve been reading for any length of time that I’m stubborn.  I prefer strong-willed or even better that we all have preferences and I most certainly have mine.  Strongly.

One of my little ‘things’ is that gratuitous holidays never really do a lot for me.  I know that this sucks for my beloved spouse but the good thing is, after 15 years, he kinda knows me pretty well.  I’m so thankful for that and still, 15 years later, surprised that he does.

It started last Friday.  Exactly one week before Valentine’s Day.  I went out to warm up the truck before driving the kids to school and there atop my dashboard was one gerbera daisy.  It’s bright orange.  Isn’t that awesome?  There were also a few pussy willows.    A week before Valentine’s Day!!  My husband so totally rocks.

Next day, I was late and took off out the door for work in a mad dash.  I hop into my truck and, lo and behold, treats!  Of my favouritest favourite sort!  Every day since then there has been a little something awaiting me.  At the typing of this post it’s been 6 days of little things that he knew I would love.  6 days!  Of love!

I must admit by today, day 6, I had the feeling of wonder for the first time in 6 days.  Every other morning it’s been a complete surprise and every time I just think, more?  Again?  He’s so awesome…

I say, you all can have your one Valentine’s Day cause I’ll take 6 other days anytime!

A few days back my oldest son looked up at me in the truck as we were munching on yummy chocolate together and said, “I’m going to remember this when I’m older Mom.  The gifts on the dashboard thing.  You know, for when I have a wife.”

It’s double duty, my husband is pulling here, isn’t it?  He’s loving on me every single morning because I don’t get to see him (he leaves while it’s still the middle of the night, m’kay?) AND he’s teaching our sons how to love on their wives in the future.  They see the grin it puts on my face every. single. time.  I assure you, being treated and showered with gifts never ever gets old!

I’m writing this the day before Valentine’s Day so I don’t know if the whole thing will stop before THE big day.  It might, and I would love him for that because it’s like the main character dying in a movie totally unexpectedly and I like that kind of thing.  Or there might be another something there in the morning, and I’ll be just as thrilled as that first morning and love him for that too.  Win-Win, either way.

As he’s going to read this before he gets HIS gift I can’t post it here so instead I’ll leave you  with some pictures of love from around the Fast house.

And honey, in the words of Mary Crawley, “Of course I want you, very much.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

IMG_2122sweet treats atop my favourite suitcase

_MG_2130hugs and kisses amongst the littles scary monsters

IMG_2107a daytimer with Andy Warhol images that I couldn’t resist though will never ever write in

IMG_2081our advent calendar frame turned into pictures of love

IMG_2099the littlest littles valentines all ready for his classmates

IMG_2086a pop of pink and a dash of love

IMG_2094our memory verse for the week

IMG_2090I added a little festiveness to our bedroom wall above our bed


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