I’m with him.

You guys know how I like to say that my guy is almost famous?  Well, here’s the truth.  He’s worked on lots and lots of movies but I have never seen one of them.  Not one!  Now before you get all judgey on me being a bad wife you might just want to research some of the films he’s worked on.

I assure you that if I watched some of these movies I would have to sleep with a light on for the rest of my life or worse, just pee my pants right there in the movie theatre.  Let’s just say, there isn’t a lot of need for his skill set in romantic comedies, okay?

I’ve come up with a way to reconcile the fact that I have yet to see a flick he’s worked on and that’s by bragging about him to the world.  Because he is brag-worthy, I assure you.

See, he works crazy long hours and he commutes into the city every single day and he never ever complains about it.  Sure, he may have developed a slight twitch and we know better than to ask questions about traffic or bridges but truly there isn’t a day of his life that he’s proclaimed that he can not do it again!

I proclaimed that once.  Sure, it was after giving birth to our third child but I contend I had the better end of the deal.  I may have been in labour for a sum total of somewhere around 50 hours of my life but it. is. over!

Because of those 3 children?  His commute may never end! (love you, honey!!)

People often ask me what exactly it is that he does.  Often I’ll just say “VFX” and carry on.  It’s kinda funny watching people as they try to figure out what those letters stand for.  If they push a little further I’ll explain that he does creature animation and special effects for movies.  This is when they give me an, “oooohhh” and think that he creates explosions.  Well, sometimes he does.  But mostly he doesn’t.

You know that scene in Twilight where the guy ‘transforms’ into a wolf?  (I don’t.  I haven’t seen it, remember?)  Apparently there is one though, and that’s his dealio.  That wolf, it isn’t really a wolf!  (I know, right?)

There’s this other movie called The Thing.  I’ve seen the trailer (enough for me, thank you very much) and there are these helicopters that come flying in.  Those helicopters?  They don’t really exist.  They’re his handiwork.

But rather than me going on and trying to explain what he does in a very elementary fashion, I thought I’d refer you on to a little diddy about him and his work that just happens to be up on this website.

Here’s what I do know.  He’s super-duper smart and crazy patient and he knows things that I could never fathom even comprehending, let alone bringing to fruition.

Plus, he has a back pack from Matt Damon.  What could be cooler than that?!


2 thoughts on “I’m with him.

  1. well my boys think their Uncle Earl is the coolest! at universal studios I kept telling them thats what U Earl does! now most movies they will ask if he did stuff on the movie! they have seen Planet of the Apes and I have seen the Thing 😛 so we think he is cool (even if he never snook me unto a Twilight set! ;P


  2. Whoa!!! Your husband does that stuff?? I’m impressed! I assume that “VFX” means “Visual Effects.” I love movies with that kind of stuff. I haven’t (and never will) see any of the Twilight movies, but for different reasons, probably than you. I love vampire movies, and I love good special effects. Anyway…that’s very cool. Which makes you very cool, too. 😀


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