Mundane Manifesto.

I’m guilty of it.  Calling what I do mundane.  The chores.  The tasks.  The things that may seem trivial or menial.

You know what I’m talking about.

It’s the packing lunches every single day and it’s the sweeping up all those crumbs under the breakfast table.

It’s the grocery shopping and the recipe searching and the stirring of the pot on the stove.

It’s the collecting of laundry and the transferring into the dryer and the folding and the folding and the folding.

It’s the wiping of yet another tear and  it’s another conversation of how we treat each other.

Its the cleaning of windowsills, and the wiping down of the inside of the fridge underneath all of those sticky jam jars.

It’s cleaning the toilet and wiping toothpaste globbies out of the sink when you know in just a few hours they’ll be right back in there.

Here me out on this one, friends, when I say that these tasks are no longer to be called ‘chores’ implying that we begrudgingly have to do them each day.  We are no longer to call them mundane or boring.  No, not any longer!

Because here’s the way I see it.  This stuff that we’re doing?  This is kingdom work!

We are called to care for our children and this is what it looks like mama’s.  It looks like a lot of cleaners and rags and a lot of time with hair up in pony tails and it looks like a lot of repeating the same stuff each day but that doesn’t make it any less our mission on the journey to the kingdom than anything else.

This is exciting stuff, mamas and dads, and we need to stop talking like it’s so dull.  This is what God calls us to and I assure you that nothing he calls us to is boring!  Nuh uh, not when you remember that this is what He has for you today, maybe again tomorrow, and the day after that but really?  His plan boring?  No way.

So get down on those knees and look your sad little child in the eye, wipe that tear away, and you tell him that this, this right here, you wiping away his tear is the most exciting job you’ve ever had.  Because you’re raising little warriors and I assure you that is no small task.

When  you’re stirring that pot on the stove of the same pasta sauce recipe that you made last week and the week before,  you stir with ferocity, knowing that your feeding the children of God.  You’re feeding his future army.  You’re feeding his disciples to this nation.  And if that isn’t exciting, my word, I just don’t know what is.

The last thing I want my kids to feel is that it’s drudgery to care for them.  I don’t want them to hear my sighs over the heaps of dishes or over making lunches….again.  I don’t want them to feel burdened by the fact that they’re making my life so boring and there is so many other exciting things I’d rather be doing if only they weren’t here.  I don’t want them to see all the work and decide they are never having children of their own!

So I won’t use the words mundane again.  I won’t grumble about the laundry pile or the weeding that needs to happen out in the yard.  Instead I will remember that this is the day that God has given me and I will accomplish what he has laid before me with gratefulness, with anticipation of what’s to come, with excitement over this stuff because this is His work.  These little people that are always underfoot are his and we have the distinct privilege of caring for their every need.

And when I do sigh or I do grumble (because I’ll forget) I’ll just remind them that sometimes the things that Jesus calls us to are hard, and sometimes it’s tiring, and sometimes we might feel like saying no but saying yes is always so. much. better.

These are exciting days, mama!  You are doing God’s work and it is nothing less than Holy.


8 thoughts on “Mundane Manifesto.

  1. This is such wisdom, Rhonda. I love reading all of your posts, but this one ranks high as one of my very faves. You are one smart and lovely woman.


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