Around the Web {January 2013}

It seemed there was a lot of good writing to catch up on this weekend.  The blog world did me proud.  There were beautiful words, challenging words, inspiring words and brave words.  Words that brought a tear and words that made me nod in agreement (though noone could see).

These are an exceptional few that I appreciated and I thought you just might too!

Brave Moms Raise Brave Kids – by Jen Hatmaker

“I don’t want my kids safe and comfortable. I want them BRAVE. I don’t want to teach them to see danger under every rock, avoiding anything hard or not guaranteed or risky. They are going to encounter a very broken world soon, and if they aren’t prepared to wade into difficult territory and contend for the kingdom against obstacles and tragedies and hardships, they are going to be terrible disciples.”

Mothers, Servants and God’s Saving Power – from the GirlTalk Blog

“For we are mothers, and only mothers. Servants who have only done our duty. We have planted. We have watered. And God—and God alone—can save.”

Find a WomanKathryn Koslowsky

Dear working woman, mommy woman, mother woman, child woman, fashionista woman, environmental woman, potluck woman, fitness woman, spiritual woman and ambivalent woman with many unanswered questions: find yourself another woman today.  You need her, and she needs you.

We are the village and we are raising not only each others’ kids–we are raising each other.

Advice From the Future – from  Wandering With Mary

“I really don’t want to be the bearer of bad news on this next part my dear but you won’t even make it to your second anniversary. There will be a day that you just feel the pit at the bottom of your stomach that something isn’t right. You ask that question, wanting so badly to hear the desired answer of “yes, of course we’re fine” but alas…you hear the answer that only nightmares could be made of.”

Just a little something that I think is really cool!

The Tiny Transforming Apartment That Packs Eight Rooms into 420 Square Feet – from Gizmodo

And my favourite phone picture from the week:

2 thoughts on “Around the Web {January 2013}

  1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing my silly letter to my 21 year old self! Lots of blessings and love to you friend!!



  2. Not silly at all! I thought it was a great reminder for all of us to know we won’t always be where we are now – for the good or hard!


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