White: the choice of medical clinics and veterinarians across the country.

I don’t have a decorator’s bone in my body.  Like notta one!  I know what I like.  I can peruse magazines and sigh and dream of my things all looking so picture perfect in a room – but they never do.  Of course I have people in my life who rule at this!  They can take an old boating oar or a vintage bowling pin and put it right up there on the mantle and it looks as if it was designed perfectly for that spot.  They can arrange branches and stack up  vintage books with a single sprig of holly and suddenly – voila – their house looks like Christmas! They can pile up a random heap of suitcases topped with tea cups and suddenly their home is cozy and warm.

As it is if I were to attempt any of the following my house would look like:

a) we just got back from a canoe trip and have yet to clean up

b) my kids pulled down the tree in the back yard and wanted to keep a piece of it as a souvenir

c) we don’t ever put our dishes away and how come none of them match?

I try to pull things like this off and my house looks like a cluttery mess.  Or like I forgot something everything out.

I could be wrong but this is my theory as to why I need my walls to be white.  (you can keep your theories to yourself, thank you very much!)  With white walls a room automatically looks clean.  Stark, almost.  Onto this starkness, then and only then, can I add things and have them not look like heaps of junk.  But I’ve always been a minimalist at heart.  (a love which may have begun when I was young and got paid to dust my grandparents home.  this is also when my disdain for ornaments began.)

My point is this.  The only room I have decorated in our current living space is our bedroom.  Sure the boys rooms have shelves and skateboard posters stuck up everywhere but that’s not decorating, is it?  I’m quite certain Jonathan Adler would say no.

It’s taken a long time.  I blame my lack of ability.  I blame magazines for looking so perfect.  I blame every good furniture store for being so expensive.  But slowly, oh so slowly, it’s coming together.  We’ve only lived here 2 1/2 years.  The walls have  been painted for half of those.  A light fixture has been hung.  (thanks, honey!!)  Side tables acquired, book ends made, a duvet cover purchased and pillows propped.  See?  Progress.

I’m not quite ready to do a before and after yet though I am excited to unveil how the same room that looked beautiful in my mom’s decorating scheme (think heritage or victorian) could become something so different when we took over!  I’m awaiting inspiration (that’s code word for funding) for some art to go on the walls and then it will be done!  And I’ll show you!  And you’ll probably think to yourself, why on earth did that take her so long?   And if you do, start reading this post again and you’ll remember.

Here’s to hoping I finish it off before we move again, which, knowing us is bound to happen.  At least if we do I always know where to start.  More white paint.

Which brings me to a question.  What’s your favourite shade of white?  Did you know there are more than 37??  

2 thoughts on “White: the choice of medical clinics and veterinarians across the country.

  1. Haha! Yep, that’s me to a T Rhonda. I also do not have a decorator’s bone in my body. How I would love to have my house look “put together” rather than oddly matched pieces of furniture here and there without an ounce of “decor” thrown in.

    But then again, it’s my house… I take that back, it’s OUR house, filled with love and dreams and memories. For now, that works for me.

    When the kids move out however, I’m hiring an interior designer! For some bizarre reason, I equate “kids moving out” to “suddenly having lots of money to throw away on interior designers”… dreaming? Likely.


  2. Love it, Carla! I’m totally the same. I dream of having the kids come over to visit with their spouses and we’re sitting on ridiculously expensive furniture with magazines stacked just right on the coffee table. I’m pretty sure I’m always wearing expensive boots, too.

    I agree with you about memories and love and dreams being SO much more important though. Our kids won’t care how great our furniture was but they will remember the snuggles they got on it!


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