Dropping the ball on the big ball drop

New Year

I’ll admit that we aren’t very cool New Year’s celebrators.  I’ve always thought it to be a highly overrated night.  Probably because I have to fight to make it to midnight each year and by the time we reach the ball drop I’ve been nibbling on appies and sweets for so long that I feel disgusting.

We tried to do a big night out once when the hubs and I were just dating.  He got a migraine so we rang in the New Year in his Honda Civic in an underground parking lot waiting for our friends to be ready to leave.  He was sleeping.  I was feeling sorry for myself.  Good times.

The past few years we’ve gone to low-key shin digs at friends houses but we’re always the super lame guests that watch the ball drop and before auld lang syne is even finished one verse we have our shoes on and are saying our goodbye’s at the door.

So I’m curious.  What do you do for New Years?  Do you celebrate in grand fashion or are you lame like us?  Do you have family traditions or a specific meal that you have each year?  I think it might be time to start some traditions to cure our families current New Years reputation but I need some help.  Would you mind leaving me a comment letting me know what you do?  Or what your best or worst New Years held?  I’d really appreciate it!


2 thoughts on “Dropping the ball on the big ball drop

  1. hey! I remember cleaning my place once and looked up and was like oh its midnight said happy near year to darrell then went back to cleaning and he went back to TV LOL its never been a big night for us/me I picked up some extra work so I could take the boys to this: http://www.thege.ca/files/File/New%20Years%202012%20Buffet%20Play%20Event.jpg

    we are going to a play place in langley with lazer tag and mini golf and they count down eastern at 9pm! so much better even for me then our midnight 😛

    oh one year there was a gang fight right outside our door on New Years! plus I think we all went to the movies one new years remember that? I think the theater by you guys has specials ect for new years eve.

    my dad always makes a ham and bean soup for new years day.. you could always skip eve and just do a drop in appy thing for new years day… ok thats it from me! back to cleaning the house and getting rid of everything we own to fit everything we got for christmas 😉


  2. This past new years I was asleep between 10 and 11. It’s another day. Yes, brings a new year, but every day is new.. and I still need sleep.


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