Christmas Cheer from here and there


For some reason, though our Christmas is technically over, this week has been chalk full of things to do and stuff to pick up and places to be.  I have loved every minute of it because none of it is stressful.  Popping into this great new store in Abbotsford to grab a candle for a friend or picking up some more chocolate for a delightful recipe aren’t a big deal.  They make it feel festive and fun and just the kind of Christmas I like.

I’ve gathered a few things that I’m loving around the web.  Things that are a) delicious b) inspiring c) all of the above.  Have a look.  It’s time well spent, I assure you.

If you read one blog post this season or only click one link on this post make it this one.  It’s such a good read; a challenging, beautiful and intentional blog post for this season.

I tasted these at my dear friends home one morning (yes, morning!!) and promptly went out and bought all of the ingredients.  They are the first thing to go off of any plate of baking I set out and just look and taste so appropriately festive.  Plus, they’re easy.  Win and win!

Actually, while you’re at it you might just want to  bookmark the whole blog because everything I’ve seen on there so far, I pretty much want to devour.

Lastly, if you’re like me (to my shame) my phone has pretty much become the only camera I use.  As a former photographer who scoffed at camera phones I feel like I should probably hang my head and admit I was wrong.  My hubs always says, “The best camera you have is the one that’s with you.”  Well, my phone is always with me and my lovely Canon – not so much.  That said, I want to make this first thing in January.  Cute, huh?

Enjoy the festiveness of these last days before Christmas.  I suggest a nice fire, hot chocolate and a candy cane stir stick.  Of course, someone to cuddle up with is always nice too.


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