No Christmas Card for you!

I thought I should maybe just put it out there in case you start to wonder if you were scratched off our list this year.  I’m not sending out Christmas Cards.

This is where I like to think that you’d gasp and say things like, “No Christmas Card from The Fasts?  Christmas just won’t be the same.”  But I’m quite certain that’s not what you’re saying and are probably thinking more along the lines of, “Yay!  No more obligatory fridge photos!”

I just didn’t get to it this year.  And when I scrolled through every one of our 2, 387 photos from this past year there wasn’t one of the 5 of us.  Not one.

I thought maybe I could quickly whip something up artistically to send you instead.  But really, it’s late and Christmas is 5 days away and believe it our not it will come even without a card from The Fasts.  I mean, if the Who’s can sing without their presents, surely we can all manage this one.

So I actually was going to try and whip something up but then I found this graffiti maker program and I got a little carried away cause it was really fun and so I leave you with how I spent the last 23 minutes of my life.  Pretty sure it was worth it.

Picture 1If we were a gang in the 90’s this would have been our tag.  Merry Christmas!


6 thoughts on “No Christmas Card for you!

  1. I’m not doing cards either!! Thanks for the validation! I’m sure your boys think a tag is way cooler anyways. Merry Christmas! All the best to your family as you continue to cope without your dad.


  2. Right, Mel! I totally forgot about that. That would have been a total waste of time then, really!

    Thank, J!

    Thanks, Kathryn. Did I mention this year my brother and his family are in Ireland? So this year its coping without them! sheesh. I affirm you in your decision to not do cards as well. (if it wasn’t a decision but more of an “oh crap” moment, I affirm that as well. The worlds still gonna turn (unless those Mayans are right!), egg nog will still be drunk and in short the things we make a big deal of really aren’t that big of a deal! Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  3. That’s all okay Rhonda, but I still want a family picture!! How about we do that on our Family Day, just so we have one! Please!! I almost didn’t do a letter this year and it’s still in the process of being written!


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