My Very First Giveaway! {Karla’s Teas}


It’s no secret around here that when I really like something I share it and talk about it and ask everyone around me if they’ve heard of it and tell them where they should get it and usually use it as my gift of choice for the next year!

Sorry friends, you now know what your birthday gifts will be this year…


I’d like to introduce you, more formally than I did here, to the Karla behind the deliciousness that is Karla’s Teas!  I first saw these teas back in September when I was visiting a local apple farm where the boys and I pick our Honeycrisps each year.  I was meandering around the small shop to stay warm when I happened upon a display of teas in the cutest little tins.  If you know me at all you also know that I’m a sucker for packaging and little silver tins (or jars!) are  kinda sorta my weakness.  So really, Karla had me on sight alone.

One of the sweet ladies that worked at the store came over and enthusiastically asked me if I had tried these teas to which I had to answer no, though it made me feel so out of the loop and lame!  She went on and on in that way which makes you know for certain that they really like this product and are not just trying for a sale!  I listened attentively as she talked about her family and how they are tea lovers and had been buying their teas from the popular mall stores until they discovered Karla’s teas.  Now Karla had won their heart!

I bought a few on the spot and then went back a week later for a few more.  Yum and Yummer is what the names of the teas should be.  I just love every single one I’ve tried!  (and I’m a coffee girl!)


So let me tell you just a little bit about Karla.  The first thing I automatically loved about her is that she’s local.  I get that not all of you who read this are but it means a lot to me to support local business and especially moms living and working in their field of passion.  It means I’m supporting her vision and giving her a high-five for doing what she’s doing.  And couldn’t we all use a high-five every now and then?

Karla is a registered Aromatherapist and a self-proclaimed tea lover (since she was a little girl) who has a distinct passion for health and healing through natural methods.  Her long term desire is to take this to the next level and do a clinical herbalist program but two littles have put the intensive 4 year program on hold for just now!  “I will do it!”  She exclaims.  Just not yet. Which I totally get cause having littles at home is intensive in itself!  Starting a tea company gave Karla an avenue to bring all of her passions and loves into one place.  She gets to use herbs, oils and teas to help people live and be healthier.  Karla uses natural, pure ingredients and honours plants used for thousands of years.  If this doesn’t sound good enough to entice you, I guarantee the smell when you open the little tin?  To. Die. For.

Karla has graciously offered to do a giveaway here on this li’l blog!  I’m so thankful she’s willing and I know you will be too if you’re lucky enough to be the winner!  The winner (which will be drawn at based on entries) will receive Karla’s Tea Sampler Pack! (pictured below) This sampler pack will allow you to try 8 of Karla’s teas.  I wonder which one you’ll love best!?


Here’s how you enter!  Head on over to Karla’s Website – Karla’s Special and have a little peak at the variety of teas that she offers!  Once you’ve done that, come on back over here and leave me a comment stating which one you’d love to try.  That’ll get you one entry!

Want another entry?  Head on over to Karla’s Facebook Page  and ‘Like’ her, then come on back and tell me that you did so!

Want a third entry?  Share this post with your friends on facebook so they can enter too and then leave me a comment saying that you did that!  (There’s a facebook share link right at the bottom of this in case you don’t know how!)

Got it?  A total at 3 chances to get your name in the draw but make sure you come back and tell me each time you did one of the above to get your correct number of entries.

Good luck! 


21 thoughts on “My Very First Giveaway! {Karla’s Teas}

  1. LOVE the look and descriptions of Karla’s teas. I’d go for either the tea brick (how cool is that?!) or Midnight Mint, just because I’m a sucker for mint. But Pink Grapefruit? That sounds fab too! I’m going to stop now.


  2. I’d definitely LOVE the Earl Grey Lavender since I drink that one constantly from our local Tea shop in Montreal. I’d love to try hers and enjoy the many bebefits!


  3. I love the scent of pink grapefruit but I’m a black tea drinker at heart so perhaps the earl grey cream??

    …by the way Jenny B. most loose leaf tea pots don’t break if dropped! I was told (when I got it 10 years ago) but also know from experience as I use mine all the time and have dropped it, whacked it etc.


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