wrap-ups, questions and free stuff – hooray!

I have so much to tell you!  Are you excited?  You should be….

First off, I wanted to do a ‘that’s a wrap’ post on our Christmas vacation now that we’re home.  I think my posts said it already but I want to say it again.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  If you’ve ever thought of maybe taking your family on a trip for Christmas – do it.  You won’t regret it I’m most certain of it.  And because a vacation wrap isn’t really wrapped until you show more pictures – just a few for good measure.

my littlest little who doesn't look so little anymore
my littlest little who doesn’t look so little anymore


I have a banana and I'm not afraid to use it
I have a banana and I’m not afraid to use it
hot tubbing in the snow
hot tubbing in the snow

Secondly, now that our Christmas is technically over people keep asking what we’re going to do on Christmas morning, which is when we normally open presents.  Truth is, I’m not really sure!  I had naturally thought that this frees us up on Christmas morning – a time when many families want time at home – so we could volunteer to serve at the Salvation Army or some such thing.  But I haven’t looked into what’s going on and where yet.  So that’s the plan, but we’re working out the execution.  As I said here, it’s been nice to have the stressful part of Christmas over with and we’ve been able to focus on scripture and calming things down.  I’d love for our Christmas morning to reflect this same heart.  If you know of anything local that needs volunteers, please let us know!

And lastly but most excitingly, I’m going to be doing a few give aways here on the blog!!!  I have had a few neat artisans donate their wares to be given away on the blog and I’m so excited to share them with you!  That’ll kick off next week though so check back.  You won’t want to miss these!

Happy Wednesday!


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