On family vacation pros and cons plus ethically sourced cocoa and product placement ads.

It’s lull day on our mountain vacation and really, that’s just fine with me!  After 3 days of living in a 2 bedroom apartment I needed to take some time to tidy things up a bit, throw in some loads of  laundry and just chill.

A husband who washes dishes? *swoon*
our stash on the mantle for quiet, tired evenings.

We only planned on snowboarding 3 of the days that we’re here because, well, do you know how much it costs to ride here?  World-class mountains are expensive!  Plus it’s the first time we’ve ridden since last year so we figured that every other day would be enough for our bodies.  And I was right.  You should have heard us all moan when we had to climb the stairs in our place after the first day.  And how when I laughed my abs hurt.  And don’t even mention our derriere’s or we’ll all cringe in unison.

Checking out the snow-covered skate park

The boys are on episode one billion of Iron Man while they eat babybel cheese and christmas oranges in front of the tv and that alone feels like a good day to them.  I’m uploading pictures thus far and staring at my family and marvelling at how blessed we are to be here.  Together.

Passes ready to go!

You might recall some of my excitement and my fears from before we even left and so far the fears haven’t happened and the good stuff has.  Yay!

using the snow-skate on a frozen puddle

In case you’re planning a family vacation over the holidays these are my pro’s and con’s so far:

Pro:  The excitement of telling the boys on the day that we left was awesome.  They were thrilled and reacted exactly as we thought they would.

Pro:  Because we’re staying in a fully equipped apartment I knew that we would be eating in (hello budget saver!) but I also didn’t want to spend my time cooking so for the month before leaving every time I made one of our favourite meals I doubled it and froze half.  We have been eating like kings and queens and I haven’t had to spend ANY time cooking.  Just warming up.

Would you check out the evergreens? So beautiful….

Con:  On a vacation with your children your children stay your children.  They don’t magically turn into angelic creatures who listen perfectly and hug and thank-you endlessly for all you do.  (though they have actually quite a lot)  Thankfully we’ve learned this by now so we don’t expect perfection.  We still have to ‘parent’.  Though in our dreams we wouldn’t.

That face wouldn’t ever disobey on vacation, would it?
Or this one be cheeky?!

Pro:  Having something that your family all likes to do together is amazing!  When we’re up on the mountain we’re like a great big crew who’s looking out for each other, cheering each other on and encouraging each other to go bigger, higher and spin just a little further.  I hope that in 10 years we’re still all snowboarding together though I have no doubt they’ll all be taking off on me and just meeting me in the lodge for lunch.

I always have my book along. It keeps me from getting grumpy or bored when the boys just wanna keep playing.

Con:  Because we planned our vacation for the beginning of the snowboard season the whole mountain plus the tube park isn’t open but I’d venture to say there’s still enough for us to do.  We were suppose to board today, as far as our schedule went, but we decided to wait it out cause it hasn’t snowed up here in 4 days and it’s suppose to tonight.  So we’re taking a lull day and hopefully getting some fresh powder tomorrow.

Did you know that starbucks hot chocolate comes from ethically sourced cocoa? If you’re like us and are consuming only fair trade chocolate it’s a great option!

Pro:  We have laughed.  hard.  eaten well.  rode until our legs couldn’t take anymore.  walked with coffee in hand and toques on head.  thrown snowballs at each other.  played scrabble.  drunk enough hot chocolate to last all year.  fallen asleep on couches.  seen incredible views (the peak to peak gondola is so cool!)  watched a movie every single night.  held hands and made memories that will not be forgotten any time soon.

solo game of scrabble

I’d venture to say this is the best Christmas present we could have given and they could have received.   Win and Win!

I hear there’s big dollars to be had in product placement. Apple? Starbucks? I am not above corporate sponsorship on this blog. This is truly what my blog-station on the road looks like 🙂

3 thoughts on “On family vacation pros and cons plus ethically sourced cocoa and product placement ads.

  1. Looks like a great vacation! We just took our family to an indoor water park in MN to escape the cold weather and enjoy a “tropical” feel.


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