Secrets of the Christmas Sort.

Can you keep a secret?  You know, just a little one between you, me and the entire world wide web?  Excellent.

Here’s the thing – we’re tricking Christmas!  I know, right?  So fun.

How, exactly are we doing that, you ask?  Well, that’s where the fun comes in.  But of course, like everything in my world, it starts with a story….

We have 3 boys.  3 children very close in age all of the same gender.  3 kiddos of the same sex who are all into the same stuff and two of whom have birthdays in the fall nearish to Christmas.  So do you know what my children need for Christmas this year?  That’s right.  A big, fat nothing!

My youngest has never really needed anything of his own, if the truth be told.  When he was little there were enough cars and trucks for everyone, lego and building blocks galore.  There was never a new toy that he needed cause chances are one of his older brothers already had it!

Fast forward to  where they are now.  13, 11 and 9.  We’ve had years of christmas’ and birthdays, not to mention grandma’s who love to spoil, and there isn’t a video game or piece of sporting equipment that they could possibly need.  (sure they want ipod touches but we’re not going there.  another post for another time…)

All of this added up to just one thing this year.  A decision to change it up.  To make memories instead of get stuff and that is precisely what we’re doing!

We’re heading away for a week in snowy paradise!  There will be snowboarding and tubing and ice skating galore during the days and movie watching, game playing, hot chocolate drinking sort of evenings!  Or at least that’s how I’m imagining it. Notice how in my imagination my boys never fight?  It’s awesome here…

We’ve never done anything like this before and I’m so excited but I also have some fears.  First, the excitement.  I’m thrilled that my Christmas shopping is already done in the form of booking a place to stay, purchasing tickets to the mountain and then filling stockings which we’re going to bring along.  I’m excited to spend an entire week together, just the 5 of us.  I’m ecstatic for days of sleeping in and for fresh powder on the mountain and for rosy cheeks and candy canes!

Most of all, I’m excited to tell them because they don’t know yet.  Eeep!  As we’re not heading away right over the Christmas break we decided to tell them only that we’re switching things up this year.  We explained that we don’t know when baby Jesus was ACTUALLY born so we thought we’d try out a different day this year just to see how it feels.  So, as far as they know, we’re having Christmas on a totally random day.  They haven’t really questioned us on this which is a bit disconcerting.  They clearly think we’re crazy enough to just pick a new day for Christmas!  ha.

The plan is that the first gift they open will be to all of them.  Inside will just be a note stating that we’re heading for adventure so they’d better go pack.  Included will be a list for each of them of what they need and then they’ll have to run around packing up all of their stuff.  I’m so excited for this surprise!!

Now the fears.  Because we’ve never done anything like this before and they have no clue, they simply think that on a random day we’ll be waking up early, huddling around our tree and opening presents like we do every other year.  So I fear that they may miss all of the present getting, even though there’s nothing they need.  I fear they may not get that the holiday IS there gift, besides a few stocking items.  And most of all I fear them being disappointed that they didn’t have packages and packages of stuff to open.  Not that they normally get a ton, but still….

So I’m looking for help to calm my nerves.  Have you ever done anything like this?  Did your family love a trip rather than gifts?  Were your kids ever disappointed?  I’d love to know how it’s gone for you….


7 thoughts on “Secrets of the Christmas Sort.

  1. Love this idea hard! I hope they love it and am sure everyone will have a great time. We’ve thought about doing this too. But we’d love to get a cabin in Tremblant and actually do Christmas there. Since cabin rentals are really affordable when you’re not near a ski hill and we would just drive there, we’d still do the trimmings- big meals, cookie deodating, presents, etc. Or we’ve thought about going to one of the historic Fairmont hotels for Christmas! Chateau Frontinac in QC would be full of wonder and awe. But morefun if our kids were old enough to explore the hotel!


  2. Our plan was to actually do Christmas there but even booking 6 months ahead didn’t allow us to. Apparently places book up quick over
    Christmas! But we’re ‘doing’ Christmas up there. So even though it’s not actually we’re behaving as though it is. They’ll get to open their stockings up there and we’re going to decorate a gingerbread house and everything that feels like Christmas!
    I LOVE the thought of Chateau Frontinac, Em! Can you imagine? I agree on the waiting until their a bit older. That’s why we thought this was a perfect time for our family. I know they can all miss school without huge repercussions but still young enough for it to be so exciting!
    We can’t wait!!


  3. We’re planning it do the same thing in a few years!

    My sister always did cool stuff with her 3 boys…they’ve seen the whole world that way 😉


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