And now we know.

I can’t imagine a greater loss in the world than losing a child.  I tremble at even writing these words that God may see in them some sort of idolatry and then feel the need to strip me of that.  (though I know that’s not how He works)  I pray my children into the Lord’s gracious hands each and every day knowing that His way is good.  His way is right.  His plans are not without purpose.  My boys are His to begin with.  His first.  Mine second.

But, dear Lord, any mama who loses a baby, a child, a teenager.  I don’t posses the words to say what this must feel like.  In fact, my mind can’t even dwell in this place too long without crumbling.  So generally,  I have to move on, as horrific as that sounds.  I can’t live in that place of dwelling.  I try to empathize but I simply can’t.  I have no frame of reference for it.

My heart can’t live in the what if’s or I’d never let my boys leave the house.  It would be incapacitating.

But just for a moment, sweet mama’s out there, think with me.  You awake in the morning and peak in on your sweet, little munchkin only to discover and empty bed.

You see everyone rushing out of school when the bell rings and you scan the smiley faces for your little bean and you can’t see them.  You wait.  5 minutes longer than usual.  10?  When does the discomfort arise in your heart?  When do you take action?  When does the panic set in?

Now go hug your babies and tell them you love them and breathe them in deep.  Then lift your gaze to a glorious God and thank him for these precious littles and praise His name that He entrusted you with their life.  That He blessed you with this gift that is yours for a limited number of days and make every one of them count.

I’m not trying to horrify you.  Truly, I’m not.  But I think it’s important that we give weight to things that matter.  I think it’s important to know that the rest of the world does not live as we do.  It’s important to know that this is some mama’s world.

I can hardly type the words child trafficking without feeling crushed by a weight.

I live in the Western World.  The first world.  With a life of luxury and ease.  Day to day I don’t wonder how I will feed my boys.  Whether or not a family member will bring them home from school or sell them into slavery.  I can skip through my life ignorant of these realities.  Until I’m made aware.

I’ve been aware for quite some time now and just don’t know what to do.  So I do what I can.  I lift these babies, toddlers, children and teenagers up to Christ in prayer.  I pray protection over children who have been taken from their families.  Who want nothing more than to hear their mama’s voice and feel her hand touch their little face. And while prayer is good it also requires action.  But what?  How?  They feel so far away…

Yesterday I learned something that I had been ignorant of up until now.  But I now have the knowledge and what I choose to do with that is up to me.

James  4:17 says, “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.”

I just clicked a link on the internet yesterday and it led me to BBC World News.  I called my boys and they huddled around me, limb over limb on the couch and we watched silently.

The thing about this time that we live in, this age of information, is that we can be armed with knowledge.  Then, armed with this knowledge we have major decisions to make.  Will we push it out of our hearts and minds or will we take action.

We watched the following.  Be warned.  You may never look at your bowl of Halloween candy the same way again.  I know we won’t.  We choose not to live, however, with the guilt of the past when we didn’t know.  What we will choose to do is move forward from here.  Now that we know.

Would you watch it?


5 thoughts on “And now we know.

  1. Thanks, Jenny! It’s just so hard to view it the same once you have the information, hey? I’m a die hard cheap chocolate lover so I’ve had a hard time already not giving in. I tried 3 different stores yesterday in search of fair trade chocolate and nobody had any.
    But I still couldn’t bring myself to buy from those big brands knowing that someone’s child had to suffer for it. Not worth my cheap, quick pleasure.


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