On Growing Up.

As of today, I have a teenager.  But believe it or not, this post is about me, not him.  Sure, it was his entering of the teenage years that got me to thinking about it, but when it comes to growing up I think I’ve done just as much in the past 13 years as he has.

He may have gone from 0-13 but I’ve gone from 22-35, my friends.  And THAT is a big change.

Those early days when we just gazed at him and marveled at his teeny little face.  Fingers.  Toes.  Yeah, those are over.  Though, still now we gaze at him and marvel.  At how he claims to have not heard us tell him to make his bed, at how soundly he can sleep until 11 am on any given Saturday and at just where the food goes.  On all these things we simply stare, in awe and wonder.  But I digress…

Not only is 13 years a huge change in child-life, it’s a huge change in adult life.

We were city dwellers when the wee lad was born.  Living life to the full.  I’m not sure I had ever cooked a full meal at that point as there was Take-Out Tuesday.  Wings Wednesday.  Friday was always Greek but I can’t fit that into an alliteration.  Greasy Diners for Saturday AND Sunday morning and random bakeries and deli’s to fill in the gaps.

You know what else there was in the city?  Good shopping.  For things that really mattered.  Like really expensive shoes (that no longer fit after 3 babies and arches falling).  Name brand sweaters.  Attending every movie that ever came out in theatres and every concert of every band that we wanted to see.  Ever.  (and some we didn’t.  live and learn)  There were plays to see and tapa’s and drinks to be had with friends.  There were pints at local English pubs and Sangria’s on patios along the beach.

I think the last movie I saw in a theatre was Tin Tin.  Before that was Up.  I’m pretty sure there was a Curious George in there and a Madagascar or 2.  A grown-up film, you ask?  That depends if Narnia counts.  If not, I really don’t have a clue.

All of those silly antidotes to say that I’ve changed a lot over the years.  I’m quite certain as much as my teenager.   I’m going to make this a bullet point number because it’s a bullet point kind of week.

How I’ve changed in the past 13 years:

  • I can cook a healthy balanced meal and I know the importance of spinach, quinoa, broccoli and kale.  (and can puree squash and cauliflower and add them into everything!!)
  • Diet Coke (with a lime) is no longer my beverage of choice. Because aspartame is bad and pop is now too sweet.  I drink water.
  • I fall asleep in every movie I watch, including ones seen in the theatre.
  • I drink my coffee with just cream instead of fancy pants lattes with syrupy goodness.
  • I know who Dora, Diego, and the Backyardigans are.
  • My days are spent thinking about 3 munchkins instead of myself.  And I like that.
  • My nights are often spent snuggling in bunk beds or praying.  Much praying.

Basically, I’ve grown up.  Can’t wait to see what the next 13 hold!


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