Totally Not-Modern Family

When asked to describe my style I would throw out the words “minimal” and “modern”.  I like white.  I like zero clutter.  I like stream lined.   However, I think in our choice of decor is the only time that you could use the word modern to describe our family.

Are computers classed as modern?  Cause we have those but mine’s like 8 years old which is pretty much vintage in computer land.  I don’t even have an ipad.  And my iphone?  3gs.  That’s right, baby!

So I just got a text (okay, modern) from my hubs that asked how our afternoon was going and as I looked around and surveyed the scene of our life all I could say was Totally Not-Modern Family.

As I sit here with my tea leaves brewing beside me I have one child totally flaked out napping on the couch. Wrapped in a quilt.  Like a patchwork, made by someone’s grandma, not even close to cool fabrics kind of quilt.  And I like that.  (Don’t get me wrong, I’d love if it was all done in Amy Butler or Orla Kiely designs, but alas, it’s not.)

The two other boys are at a birthday party at the neighbours.  The only kids there are neighbour kids.  They’re eating cupcakes.  No lazer tag.  No disco bowling.  No x-box or wii or 3-D movie.  Just a neighbourhood birthday party with neighbourhood kids skateboarding outside like they do every other day after school.

While we’re on the topic of skateboarding, someone made a remark to me the other day about how my boys ride “old-fashioned skateboards.”  Um, right.  Cause they’re just normal skateboards?  None of this fancy schmancy rip-stick, long board nonsense.  Just good ol’ skateboards.  Makes me wonder if they think I found them on etsy.

Hang on just a sec, I have to go check my bread that’s rising…

So that wasn’t just a writing ploy.  I really just went to check my bread that’s rising.  Cause we bake our own bread here.  In this totally not modern family.  Truth be known, I ground my own flour today because I couldn’t find a certain type that I was looking for at the grocery store.  Did you know you can do that?  Just buy the product and grind it up.  Voila!  Flour!  Did I mention it’s like less than 1/8 of the price of buying teeny little bags of specialty flour?  Yeah.  It is.

Oh and we read books.  Get this?  That we take out from the library.  No kindle.  Just books.  Library books that we pay fines for all the time because we always return them late.  Library books with that smell of slightly musty, slightly damp but oh-so-precious books!  Books that have been read by many souls, hundreds of tiny fingers having turned these same pages.  Be still my heart.

I’m also married to one man that I really like and plan on being married to for the rest of my life.  I hear that isn’t the norm.  We got married before we lived together.  And then had babies after that.  We’re crazy like that.

I have more than one child.  3 in fact.  All boys.  Yes.  Yes, it’s busy!  But they’re pretty freaking fantastic.  And they all wear flannel pajamas and slippers.  Just cause I think it’s cute.  Oh, did I mention I had them starting when I was 22?  mm hmm.

So I think of myself as a fairly modern person, forward thinking and all that,  as I go about my day and then I realize I so have the wrong impression of myself!  Sure I can instagram and keep a blog up with the best (okay, maybe not best.  Mediocre?) of ’em but I’m a country bumpkin at heart.  Except without chickens adorning my kitchen walls.   Or sunflowers.  Let’s just skip the theme kitchen altogether!

So where does that leave us?  This kind of modern but not really modern at all family?  Mixed up, that’s where!  Or what I like to call – in suburbia.  A bunch of people who think they’re with it cause they don’t live in the country and have an American Eagle in the mall but aren’t even close to living in the city (like the REAL city, people,  where crazies stash all their belongings in a shopping cart and push it and sing as it bumps so noisily down the sidewalk at midnight!) and I don’t know what to do with that.  With this.  Amongst this crowd.

The houses here are too big to clean but imagine peoples shock when I told them that we lived in an 1,100 square foot apartment with 3 boys.  Shock!  But take that to the city and noone would bat an eyelash.

So I can’t quite commit to either life and I find myself a little muddled up.  I want a small space to live.  1,500 square feet would be perfection.  As would 2 bathrooms if I got my way.  But I want it on some space so that we could have chickens.  And the boys could build things out of wood.  And run around outside until they hear a dinner bell.  Is it strange that the thought of a dinner bell excites me?

I want the best of both worlds and I’m just not quite sure how to find it.  Modern, yet not modern at all.

How about you?  Are you defined by one category?  City dweller?  Country lover? I’d love to know….


4 thoughts on “Totally Not-Modern Family

  1. is it because we have boys? I would love a small country house with a few acres for some animals and maybe a dirt bike or ATV 🙂 and after having only 1 bathroom for 8 yrs I would also like 2! lol and speaking of skate boarding I would love it if your kids could teach mine! 🙂 have a great day!


  2. Maybe it is because we have boys, Mel, cause I never use to feel this way. But the city seems kind of like a waste at this stage of life – I have no one who wants to shop with me anyways and they wouldn’t appreciate the good restaurants either.
    I think we just missed sk8 season for this year but next summer, we’re in!


  3. You would love India. I’m in a 2000 sq foot apartment (I LOVE apartment life) and we have chickens and goats just outside our apartment front gates. =)

    I’m a city girl. Through and through. Along with all those “nice” things about country living, I found, come the gossip and the people who have to be in everyone’s business all. the. time. However… when you do live in a city, you find the same things are true. (sigh) People are people, no matter what the population around them is, or the amount of things to distract them are.

    When I think “city girl” or “country girl” in terms of India though… I am City Girl without a doubt. The country here (or village) is literally like stepping back 1000 years. The mindsets, the way people handle difficult situations, the lack of electricity … or toilets.

    Yup. City girl. No. Doubt. About. It.


  4. I know I would love India, Sher. One day, one day…
    I love apartment life too and the chickens and goats just outside? Brilliant. It’s like the best of both worlds!


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