One Thousand Gifts

Being thankful for things that suck:  a follow-up post to this  one.

314.  I’m thankful that I broke my toe because it meant I slowed down for a few days.  I spent time on the couch snuggling with my boys.  I had to ask people for help with things I normally do myself and it showed me that my family is really willing if I just ask.  Plus I learned just how much I take one tiny little toe for granted.  Breaking this one bone totally changed my past 3 days.  What if it was a bigger bone?

315.  I’m thankful that it wasn’t a bigger bone.

316.  I’m thankful that I have never had a major injury or been in the hospital for anything other than having babies.

317.  I’m thankful that I can run, do yoga and chase after 3 boys most days without thinking about my body or having it hinder me in any way.

318.  I’m thankful that Phoenix wasn’t able to finish his cross country race because it gave his brothers a chance to step up to the plate and show him how much they loved him.  They got to be the ones encouraging him and telling him he’s a rock star runner.  They told him he’ll be okay.

319.  I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to witness my boys eating their dinner up in their brothers room with him when he was so bummed.  I got to see them make him a steamed milk and take it up to him hoping he would cheer up.   I got to see them come running downstairs beaming and proclaiming, “I made him smile!”  I got to see that despite their brotherly fighting – they really do love each other.

320.  I’m thankful that Phoenix threw up on friday because it meant that I had a buddy home with me all day cause he certainly wasn’t going to school.

321.  I’m thankful that because he didn’t go to school he got to face time with his cousins for hours.

322.  I’m thankful that because he got to face time with his cousins for hours he suddenly didn’t feel sick anymore.

323.  I’m thankful that, even though he’s complex, I’m learning be it ever so slowly how he operates.

324.  I’m thankful that his throwing up reminded me of when his throwing up started and that made me think of my dad.

325.  I’m thankful that I got to have such a stellar dad for 33 years.

326.  I’m thankful that my brother and my sister in law and my two rock star nephews moved away.  Even though I really really love them.  Because the people in Ireland clearly need them more than we do right now or God wouldn’t have moved them away.

327.  I’m thankful that because we watched the process of them moving away to be missionaries my boys got a really close up and tangible picture of following God’s plan for your life in big ways.

328.  I’m thankful for a ridiculous night of rodent chasing because it still makes me giggle if I replay the scenario in my head.

329.  I’m thankful for having a ridiculous story to tell my friends the next day.

330.  I’m thankful that they giggled with me.

331.  I’m thankful most of all that it was caught.

332.  I’m thankful for past trials that we can look back on and know more fully God’s goodness, timing, and perfect plan.

333.  I’m thankful that He doesn’t allow me to be comfortable because it’s rare that my faith deepens or grows in comfortable.

334.  I’m thankful that God is unchanging and so I can with assurance know that even now, even in this kind of week, without a shadow of a doubt, I know He wants my good.


2 thoughts on “One Thousand Gifts

  1. Still dying to know what species of rodent you were chasing …and the other details surrounding your “ridiculous” story … your Wpg family WANTS TO KNOW!!


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