Weekend Randoms

A nap on the couch complete with jammies, slippers and a quilt.
Presents all wrapped and ready for a birthday party.
My new Chinese Lantern plant


Daddy waking the almost-teenager up at 11 am on saturday morning
Watching the boys practice some volleyball through the leaves of the tree I planted when I was 3 
mini pumpkin
Sunny last day of september meant lots of quarter pipe riding
perfect espresso shots
The boy can work a blender: pink lemonade slushies coming right up
A cute little treat I picked up for the boys. Scaries instead of Smarties

These are just a few things that I loved about this past weekend.  September was so good to us I felt like it needed a bit of documentation.  Plus it was about time I picked up my camera.  It’s been too long – but that’s a post for another time.

Have a great week friends!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Randoms

  1. I have always loved your photography and I’m so glad you posted some photos. LOVE LOVE LOVE your shots! You inspire me. =)


  2. So you know that whole moving to India thing? You know, to follow and serve Jesus? Yeah. Let’s just say YOU INSPIRE ME!!!
    I’d say your probably due for some new family photos so you guys should probably come back for a little visit soon 🙂


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