The A, B, C’s of the Day

It’s a sick day at our house 😦  Just one (thankfully!) out of 3 was up all night making mad dashes to the toilet.  That’s as graphic as I’ll get but it has made me take note of a few things.

a)  My eldest child is an excellent debater.  I know this.  He always has been.  But he proved it again this morning.

         O:  Mom, I’ll stay home with Phoenix today so that you don’t have to miss work.  I really have nothing going on at school anyways.

Me:  Uh, great.  Thank you public education.  Glad I send you every day.  No.

O:  No really, Mom.  I’ll happily be responsible for his every day needs.

Me:  How self-sacrificial of you.  No.

O:  But Mom.  Family comes first!  (Hailed as a motto with hand across heart and perfect emphasis rivaling The Kings Speech)  

Me:  Yes, yes it does.  That’s why I’ll stay home and care for my family!

He’s sharp!  I’ll give him that.  And, for the record, he’s at school.  Because God comes first, not family!  ha.

Moving on…

b)  Moms deserve a medal!  Moms that work full -time and care for their family well deserve a second one.  Moms that are home with children all day deserve a third.

I only work part-time outside the home (20ish hours per week) and even that seems like a lot some days!  Like on days when you’ve been up since 2 am with a sick child.  Or days when there are cross-country meets to be at.  Or days when someone is just having an extra hard time in the morning.

It’s hard, this being a mom thing.  Hard to figure out where time and energy need to be spent and where we should just let things slide.  Hard to determine whether tough love is required or just love, sweet and tender.  Hard to run in a bazillion directions all at the same time while maintaining a smile and graceful demeanor.  I guess I just wanted to say to all the moms out there – it’s hard.  I get it.

And lastly…

c)  Most people who find my blog are looking for something else.

I know this is true because I just checked out my stats of this blog and more specifically  what search words bring people here.  (Hey – I, thankfully, got someone to cover my work today, the child is lethargic and going on episode 14 of Bernstein Bears and I’m a little bored, okay?  Don’t judge.)

Turns out the most common search that brings people here is “Costco Lasagna”.  Which I blogged about a total of one time.  Second most popular, seeings you clearly have time on your hands too, is Pokemon Characters.  And third in the running, is chalkboard chore chart.

I’m quite certain the people looking for these are not looking for my anecdotal response to these things.  So I’m here to apologize for wasting their time.

I surmise that its busy moms that just wanted  to know the nutrition facts on a costco lasagna so that they could feel better about offering their family this quick meal.  I’m hear to say, go for it.  It’s fine!  You’re a good mom.

And while that Costco lasagna is in the oven let your kids go online and search up the evulsions and level-ups of their favourite pokemon characters because it will keep them quiet for at least 30 minutes and you need that 30 minutes of quiet.  I know!  You’re a good mom.

And for those of you looking for the chalkboard chore chart, I’m thankful that you’re being proactive in developing work ethic in your children.  I’m also pretty sure that you do a lot for them so getting them to help out is fantastic.  The fact that you’re looking for a DIY one means your trying to stay on budget and I’m proud of you for that.  You’re a good mom!

And that’s all I have to say for today!



4 thoughts on “The A, B, C’s of the Day

  1. Well — first off, dear sis-in-law, I surely don’t need to search for your blog — it’s just become a habit of mine. I joyfully read your thoughts and your rumblings b/c I don’t have time to write my own … wait for it … because I’m a WORKING MOM … there you have it! There are days when I still feel “guilty” b/c I’m a working mom – especially last week when there was one day that I should have stayed home with a sick child (and didn’t – because the next day was my day off). Guilt-ridden through and through. Then there are other days where I feel that my kids are in the privileged category b/c they take homemade muffins and cookies in their lunch and they NEVER go to school without breakfast. Oh the ups and downs of motherhood. Thanks for always bringing a unique perspective. You ARE good mom (Dorothy often says so too) and a good example to me. These precious years are truly slipping away. I’m also reading a book that has brought to light that my two kidlets (four years apart) require very different parenting and relating, which sometimes just make my head spin b/c how can I possibly be expected to keep it all straight? Who made parenting so complicated anyway? Some days I wish I could just simplify it. Love you tons …


  2. That’s how I always find blogs too, Emily. Or at least the ones that I consistently keep up with!

    Pam! I love you. I love that you’re a working mom who bakes muffins! You deserve seven medals! I know for a fact that feelings of guilt never come from a good place. You have prayed this through and made decisions based on your families needs and what you believe God has for you. There is no need for guilt there!
    But I get that those feelings come. I feel it if I have to miss a volleyball game even though I’ve been at the last 4. We just want to be there with and for our kids and that’s a good thing. I tell myself that the times that we can’t be there for them are character building 🙂
    I also agree with the uniqueness of each child and what they need. P needs me at everything, H would rather go with his friends family and O shrugs and says he doesn’t care, but he does! There lucky they each get the right lunch box each day in their lunch!! Well, almost each day 😉


  3. You crack me up! Love hearing your thoughts. You’re a good mom too. 🙂 Actually a GREAT mom. Cuz being a mom is hard work and I think loving Jesus is the best way to be a GREAT mom. So good job!


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