One Thousand Gifts

Being thankful, every day.

295.  fresh picked flowers in jars

296.  days to sleep in

297.  windows open, feeling crisp air

298.  Madeleine L’engle

299.  instagram

300.  a little boy bundled up in blankets beside me

301.  sleepy breathing

302.  the justification of the chapter titles in my new bible (right.  if you must know)

303.  freshly washed walls

304.  non-instructional days

305.  truth

306.  big stretches from little limbs

307. white paint chipping off of well worn chairs

308.  a few plans for the day – just enough to make it fun but not enough to feel busy

309.  faithful christians of generations past.  their stories.

Phoenix is joining in this morning.  Here is his list.

1.  my family

2.  my friends

3.  that Jesus died on the cross

4.  skateboards and scooters and snowboards

5.  steamed milk in bed

6.  sleeping

7.  for our church

8.  books to read

9.  toilets

10.  mama’s bed

What are you thankful for today?


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