The Phone Chronicles: society summed up

If you want to feel the pulse of society, get a broad picture scope of how we live, move, work here in the first world you really need only try to cross the border on a sunny weekend.
As I sit in the line up, feeling somewhat like cattle being corralled through four big barn doors, I realize that this is it. This is who we are. In business. In pleasure. In family and tradition and sense of importance, this is it. I’m looking at it in, what appears to be, and endless line of traffic.
You have the traditionals. The choose a line and stick to it no matter what the outcome. Some days you win, some days you lose but you’ve made a choice and by golly you will not change your mind. These may be your family man types. The kind who have had the same job their entire life. The kind who vacation in the same place year after year and though at times they may complain they feel good about themselves. Perhaps even slightly arrogant for not operating in such a foolish manner as the rest of the world, or at least not those line cutter types…
The line cutters. The “I’m not waiting in this,” ones who scooch up the side lane with their blinker on making you believe they live here nd just need to get to the next turn. Oh – that is until they pass that turn, change their signal and inch their way in a good half hour in front of you. Or there the back road citizens of society. The ones who come out at the very last street closest to the border and want you to let them in. Why? Well becuse they were smart. They dodged a good hour wait. They are important, have places to be and those places do not include waiting in border lines. These are the ones who come out on top. Because eventually they will be let in and they will be so happy with themselves for getting ahead but the question really is, does anyone like them?
My personal fave, however, is those jockeying for best position. They dodge and weave and feel as though their gaining simply because theyre moving but I assure you movement does not always happen in a forward motion.
Every personality is here in this border line. Just watch for awhile and you’ll pick up on it. I’m sure there are more to describe – those with dogs on their laps, glaring eyes, tail gaters and wavers, they all come together here! Which are you?


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