Let God be your floor.

Often, when I take an extended amount of time to really dwell on the word of God, seek him in prayer and meditation and spend time just being quiet and thinking on things of Him, I come out so refreshed.  Renewed.  With a word or a concept about God that just blows my mind in a new way.  

It could be a verse I’ve heard a million times before brought to new light.  It could be a comfort in His love.  An awe at His majesty.  Whatever it is, it’s good.  It’s always good.

Yoga just happens  to be a time of my day where I spend 90 minutes not talking.  I know the poses well enough now that, while I hear the teachers voice in my head, I don’t have to concentrate on it.  I go through the motions but my mind is fully entrenched in my Redeemer, going over the weeks memory verse in my mind, praying for people who come to mind as I stretch, and sort of just being before God.

Today, I heard the yoga instructor say something that I’ve heard her say multiple times every single class.  Sink into the floor.  Trust it.  It will hold you up.  Let your body completely relax into it.  For the first time today these words sparked something different in me and I wanted to pass them on to you as an encouragement.

Let God be your floor.

I don’t know what you’re going through today but I do know that we’re all going through something.  Money may be tight or you just found out your wife cheated on you.  You lost your job or your best friend or your child.  You have no idea what the test results coming from the doctor will say or where you will live next month or if your baby girl will make it to full term.  Will your son get picked on at school, will your daughter choose not to sleep with her boyfriend and when, dear God, will I get a full nights sleep.

Whatever it is for you, let God be your floor.  Sink into Him.  Trust Him completely.  He will hold you up.



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