International Women’s Day {a day late}

I’ve been reading many a blog post about International Women’s Day (which was yesterday) and I was reminded of a day exactly 6 years and 4 days ago.

It was a day that I received a phone call while sitting in my truck in the parking lot of the, what was at the time, 24 hour Starbucks.  A girl on the other line asked if I was me and I assured her I was.  She introduced herself as being from Dose Magazine.  What?  What Magazine?  I’d never even heard of it.

Because I was uncertain and wanted to be sure that this woman was legit I asked if she had a website.  She did and she graciously gave me the address for verification.

Then she went on to explain that International Women’s Day was coming up and that they were doing a piece entitled, “The Ideal Woman”.  They were asking a number of different women from different walks of life to produce an image of what the words ‘the ideal woman’ mean to them and then in just a few sentences describe the image and what it represented.

Would I be interested?  Um…let me think.  Yes!!

Great, the story will print in 3 days so if you could have yours to us by end of day tomorrow that would be great.

Right.  ha.  Jokes on me now!

I really wanted to take the opportunity to do this though because I felt like I had something to say.  So I came up with a concept and had Earl help me with the execution and then I wrote and cut out and wrote and cut out even more.  36 hours later I sent what I had come up with into the local magazine.

I was reminded of this today in my reading on Women’s Day and so I went back and read what I wrote.  My thoughts haven’t changed one little bit so I’m going to post it for you here.  (Unfortunately, I can’t find my image just yet but if I do I will add it)

The Ideal Woman

The ideal woman is faceless; it’s not her beauty or flaws that define her. She is formless; her shape simply doesn’t matter. Through my eyes, an ideal woman is one whose body is definitive of noble character. Her arms are strong, not for appearance’s sake, but rather so her work is accomplished diligently. Her hands are not identified by perfect nails and pushed-back cuticles but rather for her extension of them to the needy. Her mouth isn’t known for the colour of her lips but for the wisdom and faithful instruction that she speaks. Her clothes are strength and dignity.


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