What We’re Reading

With February being a short month I wasn’t sure I could accomplish my goal of 3 books per month but as my family can attest to, every day of grey and raininess meant that my nose was buried in a book.

After reading this book last month I needed to read something theologically sound and something that would make me think.  What better book than this?  Think:  The Life of the Mind and the Love of God

John Piper continually blows my mind with his dissection of scripture and his love for God.  This book challenges christians to not only feel and not only think but to do both simultaneously.  I loved it!

Then my reading took a downward spiral.

I asked around and it seemed that everyone I knew from every different circle of my life was reading,   The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I answered many a soul with, “I don’t really think that’s my style of reading.” But time and time again I got the same answer.  It was along the lines of, “Oh, it’s not the kind of book I normally read but it was so good!”  So, I dove in.

Rubbish.  That’s what this book is.

It took 500 pages for me to even care what was going on.  It was interesting for about 100 pages.  Then there was another 100 that just lead you into the sequel.  And that’s just my editorial review.  As for content?  Let’s just say, I burned my copy when I was done.  I can not believe how many people have read this book and are willing to proclaim to the world that it’s a ‘must-read’.  I am willing to proclaim that I am ashamed that I finished it.  It’s graphic, disturbing content is not the sort that I should have spent my time on.  The images it has left are icky and thinking about it makes me want to go and take a shower.  I get that the main character has led a rough life and I get that the author needed to portray that but I think the sexual content lured many a reader in but it is not how I want to be intrigued.  Don’t read this book.  Christians.  Stop reading this book!  You have now been warned.  I was not.  You’re welcome.

I moved on to this fabulous book, by Shilpi Somaya Gowda,  which was leant to me by a dear friend.  A story about 2 families living distinctly different lives in vastly different parts of the world but braided together in a unique way.  Snapshots of their worlds, their families, their cultures.  Super interesting!

Secret Daughter

And lastly, because I’m pretty sure my 12 year old wants to see the movie, I flew through the first in the Hunger Games Trilogy.  To say it had me captivated is putting it mildly.  Not one to love violence, this book drew me in in a similar way that Harry Potter’s first book did.  You know it’s written for a 14 year old but you kinda love it anyways.

The Hunger Games

I can’t wait to see the movie!

Next up, what the 12 year old is reading.  Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “What We’re Reading

  1. I’m with you on the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I read the first 100 pgs and gave up. The Secret Daughter on the other hand was one of my faves. I’m going to have to read Piper’s Think and definitely the Hunger Games!


  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one, LJ! Piper’s book, as they always are, is so worth the time and Hunger Games is a perfect Spring Break on the beach read. Have a great vacation!!


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