I believe

I believe in moderation.  I believe in sharing.  I believe in hand written.  I believe in 3 hugs a day.  I believe in radical submission.  I believe in white.  I believe that we have the power to change someone’s day for the good or bad.  I believe in warmth.  I believe that some things are meant to be remembered and not video’d.  I believe that each day is a fresh start.  I believe in forgiveness.  I  believe in change. I  believe that I was put right where I am for a specific purpose though I may never know what that is.  I believe in lists.  I believe that freshly sharpened pencils neatly in a jar can make homework more enjoyable.  I believe in writing.  I believe I have so much to learn.  I believe in nature and nurture.  I believe one day we will know as we are fully known.  I believe the grass is never as green as it seems.   I believe laughter is contagious.  I believe we are all artists.  I believe that some things take passionate pursual.  I believe that good things come in little packages.  I believe in healing.  I believe in medicine.  I believe in intelligent design.  I believe that we may not have landed on the moon.  I believe that soup makes everything better.  I believe that we are part of a bigger plan.  I believe we are not as good as we think we are.  I believe in family board game night.  I believe in grandma’s cinnamon buns.  I believe we all bear the image of Christ.  I believe in fore-action.  I believe that thinking and feeling need to be a both/and not an either/or.  I believe that His power is made perfect in weakness.  I believe in talking things out even when I don’t want to.  I believe that we are pursued and so we must pursue.  I believe in smelling good.  I believe that some books can be judged by their covers.  I believe in fresh air.  I believe in being early.  I believe that sovereignty and free will can and do work together in a beautifully mysterious way.

What do you believe?

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