And that’s a wrap: January

Is anyone else counting down the days until May?  No?  Just me?  I know that we are suppose to live content where we are and in each season of life that we are placed but I don’t think that means we’re not allowed to have favourites.  I mean, I’m fine here in February.  Totally fine.  But the mention of May makes my face look just a smidge happier.  Warmer days, no  longer waking up before the sun, the freshness of rain then warmth as opposed to rain, rain, rain, colder, rain.

January was good to us though, if I’m to be completely honest.  We took the boys up the mountain for the first time and did a little bit of this.

They loved it.  I loved it.  We all loved it.  Finally an activity that we all enjoy and can do together!  I mean, don’t get me wrong, sitting for endless hours at the skate park thrills me beyond belief but I am never going to do more than ride around the outside (very flat) edge.  But on the mountain we were all doing it!  Except they’ve learned to ollie before me.  I contend that if my board weighed the same amount as Phoenix’s I could do it too.  So there.

I also set a goal for myself which I’ve yet to publish for fear of failing miserably.  But one month in I’m feeling relatively accomplished so I can now share without hurting my  pride.  If you know me you know I love to read.  Anything.  Everything.  More knowledge in.  More words swirling.  Book in hand and coffee near is where my soul finds joy.  For whatever reason though, over that past few years my reading has dwindled.  And by dwindled I mean like a book a month.  So I wanted to get back to this thing that I love so I set the goal of reading three books a month without being sure that it was even close to attainable.  Turns out, it was!  So I finished the two books that I mentioned here and moved on to this one.  Which made me angry, but that wasn’t surprising.  I knew when I picked it up in the used section of the book store that it would be a book that would probably infuriate me.  It didn’t, so that’s good.  But it did anger me, made me talk talk talk about it to everyone who would listen and in the end vow that I just can’t read these types of things.  I picked it up just to see what it would be like, already knowing that I would disagree with most of it.  Well, disagree I did and it left me feeling confused and upset and wanting to buy every copy so that no other 25-35 year old woman would ever read it.

On a lighter note.  Remember this post and my announcement that I would master this?  Well, it took me 5 months longer than planned but Monday it all came together!  I did it!  Like, fully.  No faking.  Complete and utter accomplishment.  Yay!

So while that was a highlight this morning may have been my lowlight.  I dropped my boy off at school so upset with him that all I said was “bye.”  Coldly.  Harshly.  Snappy, even.  I’ve never done that before.  There’s always a, “Have a great day and see you after school,”  or a, “Be kind to someone today,”  and always an, “I love you.”  But this morning it was just, “bye.”  We’ve had rough mornings before, believe me, but when we do I always take the time to pull into a parking spot, talk it through even if that bell rings, and leave with a hug and a feeling that we’re both okay to go about our days.  But not today.  My heart sank the second he closed the door and I wished for a moment that I would let him have a phone so I could text him a quick, “I love you and we’ll talk after school.”  It won’t ever happen again.  It feels so rotten.

I started going to a bible study at church which is sort of a big deal to me.  I don’t usually go for the women’s ministry, watch a video on the wall of big-time american speakers talking to stadiums full of women who clap for Jesus, thing.  In fact, if they had described it like that on the website I can assure you I would have never entered the room and probably made fun of the people who did.  But instead it just said women’s bible study on monday nights.  They’re smart like that.  So I went and while I can NOT accomplish the homework that they have set before me it is pretty freaking fantastic and it makes me wish I wouldn’t have made fun of large stadium gatherings and that I had an extra hour every day for homework that isn’t of the grade 3, 5 or 7 caliber.

I think that’s about it.  January is gone and the month of cupids and hearts is underway.  I would like to set the goal that I will not eat a lot of chocolate this month but let’s be honest – we know that’s never going to happen.  Happy Love Month!


3 thoughts on “And that’s a wrap: January

  1. Awsome pictures of wonderful family activity. Thanks for your honesty, you write from your heart and share how life really is. I know the feeling of the brief ‘bye’ & the regret and I trust you will have the opportunity to make it right, or already have! God bless as you continue on your adventure of being a mom! Dorothy


  2. Thanks, Mom. I think for me the honesty of sharing life just feels right. There are too many times I feel like the world around me is perfect and I’m the only one messing up, but when you share the truth it seems to allow others to be imperfect too and not have to hide behind a facade.

    I know you know what it’s like to parent boys so I always appreciate your encouragement and support. Love you!


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