One Thousand Gifts

Counting the gifts that God has blessed me with.  every day.  all around.  (180 – 200).

180. community.

181.  crisp mornings.

182. warm boots.

183.  awaking to white.

184.  reading in bed beside my biggest boy.

185.  quiet (near silence, even)

186.  nightly prayers

187.  texts from hubs.

188.  a snowy walk, full of conversation with a friend.

189.  dreams.

190.  the age of information.

191.  pencils.  this morning, pretty ones.

192.  dark toast with peanut butter and raspberry jam.

193.  watching little birds so determined.

194.  stability.

195.  hearing, “i love you mom”  as the boys hop out of the car and run into school.

196.  the deep belly laughs that are ignited by O’s kazooing to Coldplay

197.  clean.  really really clean.

198.  help from above.

199.  nutritious dinners that everyone likes.

200.  the beautiful hearts of beautiful friends.



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