Merry Christmas!

2011 summarized:

disneyland, home, back to school, work, packing lunches, driving kids, working, working working, contract extensions, middle school volleyball, baseball practices, spring break!, more baseball practices, games, games, games, winning, winning, losing :(, science fairs, track meets, skateboard parks, canucks, summer!  skim boarding, beaches, hikes, berry picking, playing playing playing, losing teeth, scraping knees, freckles, roasting marshmellows, the glen, swimming, sleeping in, back to school, grades 7, 5 and 3, more volleyball, basketball, skittleball, drum line, homework homework homework, youth group, skate club, core groups, friends, Seattle, more skateparks, thanksgiving turkey, snow (!), shopping, report cards, christmas trees, baking, school concerts, parties, candy canes, schools out, sleeping in, video games, wrapping and ribboning, excitement, movies, mommy’s done work, daddy’s done work, it’s Christmas Eve!!!

We wish you and your families times of laughter and joy, quiet times of peace and comfort, cozy moments, ridiculous moments, memories made and love abounding.  Jesus Christ is born!


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