Deckin’ the halls and Fa-la-la-la-la’in

I love Christmas.  So much that it makes my heart kind of sigh to even say the word and I have to pause after for effect.  I just love. it.

I’ve talked to many over the past few weeks who have said they dislike the commercialism, they can’t stand the decorations and lights and all the money and work that goes in.  I’ve heard moans and groans when I ask the question, “All ready for Christmas?” and one person even replied, “Don’t swear at me like that.  It’s rude!”

But I love it all!  The twinkling lights, the smell of the real tree, the decorations both bought and made from school days gone by, the candy canes stirring hot chocolate, the music, the cookies and the thought of turkey so near I can almost smell it!

I love the list making.  Grocery list, who to buy for list, what to buy them list, what still needs to be done and what’s already been done lists.  Christmas card list, what to bake list and the list of places, events and parties that we are set to attend.

I don’t view these things as many seem to, as commercialism or as have to’s or things that bog me down and cause me to forget the real meaning of Christmas!  No way, baby!  These things are BECAUSE of the real meaning of Christmas.

Jesus Christ, come to earth as a precious, sweet-smelling baby.  Born to a young and frightened mother (weren’t we all?).  This deserves to be celebrated!  Celebrated with twinkling lights and decorations for the party.  Celebrated with events leading up to this special day and with the very best sweets and treats for this is truly a glorious celebration, people!  And this party makes my heart want to sing, to jump, to deck every hall and cozy up our home and to dance around the living room to old carols and have quiet moments of reading scripture together by the fire.  This is an event worth celebrating!

More than just any old birthday party this is a party for a King and so we go all out!  So when the cookies are baked we talk of taste buds and how fantastic God is for giving us flavours.  When we decorate the tree we talk of what the stars represent and we bask in memories of Christmas seasons now past.  We laugh because their is joy in this season!  We don’t bemoan the work of it, no, not us.  The candles get lit more often these nights and we find ourselves just sitting, together, chit-chatting or sharing an orange.

This is Christmas!  This is what we celebrate!

I get that it may seem lame to trudge around the mall shopping for gifts that you don’t get any credit for.  But to shop for my family, my mom, my boys and my husband, my friends whom I love so much and want to give so much to (more than I am able, always!) because I know that God has given me this baby that we celebrate this season.  He has given me Jesus.  More than I can fathom, more grace than I deserve, more life, more joy and more MORE than I can even describe.  So giving becomes not a task but an outflowing of what I have been given.

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord!”

Celebrate it, people!


5 thoughts on “Deckin’ the halls and Fa-la-la-la-la’in

  1. Lovely Rhonda. Jesus’ birth is worth celebrating in so many ways for so many reasons. I have never been more excited about Christmas then this year. Sewing Stockings for Chris and I, getting a wreath. Jesus has been so good. But I have no nativity set still.. So sad.. Soon. Glad you are having a good Christmas.


  2. So very well said Rhonda, and thank for saying it! I feel the same way you do so let’s celebrate, appreciate and enjoy His love, the love of family and friends and all that comes with it! God bless you and bless us all!


  3. Thanks, everyone for your kind words! I’m blessed that you read the ramblings that come from heart to head and straight out of fingertips. A very Merry Christmas to you all!


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