Double Digits

I remember the scenario like it was yesterday, your daddy timing my contractions with some technological gadget and me getting slightly annoyed at his precision.  Did it matter if it was 94 or 95 seconds?  And seeing all the numbers written on the paper made me feel the pain of each of those couple minute intervals.  He was loving me as he knew how and I was, well, having a baby!

When we deemed the timing was right we made the move and headed out of our little apartment, down the elevator and into the underground parking garage.  As we were driving out, slowing to let the large gate open to let us out, I noticed the clock on the truck read 12  something.  Just after midnight.  The date?  November 6.  I looked over at your daddy and said, “Happy Birthday,”  admittedly with not a great amount of enthusiasm.

You were born just a few hours later on your Daddy’s birthday.  It really isn’t surprising that you share this day considering how much else you share.  Your beautiful dark complexion, thick dark brown hair, nearly each facial feature resembling your daddy’s, even your shape, your shoulders, your hands.  Except the colour of your eyes – that’s from me!  I’m so thankful I got that little piece of you matching me.

Your similarities to daddy don’t end skin deep though, that’s for sure.  Your mannerisms are decidedly his.  Sometimes so much so that it’s a little freaky!  I do double takes to see that that was really you.  A mini-version of dad.  You, like him, wear your heart on your sleeve.  One look tells the world what you are thinking, what you are feeling, and you couldn’t hide it if you tried.  You are a passionate soul, caring deeply, loving strong, and being wounded equally as deep.  You are guided by emotions and while we work at reigning that in at times, it is a quality that I think so many lack and you are fortunate to have.  Logic can be learned but a heart that feels?  That’s something special.

Though you share many things with your daddy you are also very much your own person.  You have a strength in you that I sometimes wish I had.  A boldness to speak truth, not quite understanding why others wouldn’t want to hear it.  For, after all, it is truth.  You are nurturing.  Gentle with those littler than you, caring and kind and empathetic towards those who may struggle with something.  Anything, really.  Be it an illness, a scrape, or simply the one who got less ice cream than everyone else you long to make people feel better.   To make things right for them.  To wrap your arm around them and say, “Is there something I can do to help?”  Partly because those are the words I’ve taught you to use but more so because it just puts the desires of your heart into word form.  You have great compassion and are not uncomfortable in situations that even adults don’t want to face.  I remember when Grandpa was sick in the hospital and you would crawl right up beside him in his bed.  The needles, the tubes, the beeps of machines, these didn’t bother you because that was your Grandpa and he needed you there!  You would pull the sleeve of your sweater over your hand and say, “Grandpa you’re sweating,” and wipe his forehead with that sleeve.  This, dear Hayden, can not be taught and I take no credit for it.  This is you, loving people, taking care of their needs, and not thinking once about yourself in doing so.  You have a beautiful heart, sweet boy, and I pray that it stays soft and loving even through the trials of life that can cause it to callous.

You are the peanut butter in our sandwich.  The icing in our Oreo.  A pokemon expert, to be sure and the very best middle that their could ever possibly be.  God placed you smack dab in the center.  Not the biggest.  Not the smallest.  You, unlike your brothers, get to be a big AND little brother.  A role that, while challenging, you carry with (mostly) joy!

Hayden you are entering the world of double digits – never, ever to be a single digit again.  10 years old!  God has carried you through the first 10 years of your life and I pray each day that he would carry you for many,  MANY more.  I pray each day that you would trust Him for the big things in your life but even more so with the small.  The things that we often forget about, that you would remember Him in.  I pray that He would guide you through each day, that He would reveal a new part of Himself to you each day, and that you would learn to love Him deeper each day.  I pray that He would grow you into a man of God, a warrior battling for truth.  I pray that you would be a loving brother, son, friend, grandson, cousin and one day husband, father, uncle and grandpa.  Most of all that you would be a child of the one true King, for every one of your days.

For you:  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight.”  Proverbs 3:5-6


4 thoughts on “Double Digits

  1. wiping the tears here… so lovingly written Rhonda. How blessed you are to have such amazing boys, but how incredibly blessed to have a mom who recognizes and nurtrues their hearts.


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